An Open Letter to Nowra as I Spend my Last Night as a Resident.

Today is the last day I spend in Nowra as a resident of the Shoalhaven. Since April I have been living partially on the Gold Coast and partially in Nowra as my family has been still living here. But tomorrow I drive to the airport and fly to the Gold Coast, the house is packed, the removalist truck is coming and from here on in, anytime I drive back into Nowra….I will be a visitor.

So I want to say a few things about my 15 years and 3 weeks of living in Nowra.

  1. Thank you Nowra City Church for firstly welcoming the Pilt family into your hearts a decade and a half ago and then running strongly and passionately with the vision to impact our community. We have loved, laughed, wept, worshiped, celebrated and been passionate disciples of Jesus Christ. Keep being awesome.
  2. Thank you to the people I now call friends. When I arrived into Nowra I only knew one couple from the area. As I leave now, I leave enriched by the many friends that I hope and plan that their friendship will continue long into the future.
  3. The Shoalhaven has been an outstanding place to raise my two daughters and do ‘family’.
    • We as a family have loved being part of the Nowra Anglican College Community and currently the Nowra Christian School Community.
    • We have enjoyed the little family traditions like most Public Holidays we would go out to Husky Pub for a family lunch…..and then every time regret the decision as we got stuck in traffic on the way home. And then we would do it next Public Holiday….we are slow learners.
    • We have loved the little private beaches that make up the natural tapestry that is Jervis Bay. Blenheim Beach was our favorite and we spent many precious family moments on that stretch of sand.
    • We have also loved Kangaroo Valley…having canoed down the river several times, had lunches and dinners at the Valley Pub or Café Bella, enjoyed romantic getaways at Barrengarry Farm Cottages and just took in the natural beauty.( How’s the serenity?)
    • We have enjoyed events at Nowra Showground, Concerts at the Entertainment Center and have attended weddings at some incredibly beautiful locations.
    • All four of us have loved the Shoalhaven River, either skiing, wake boarding or when the girls were younger, the knee board and the biscuit.
  1. As I leave though there are a few things that I see as negatives in the Shoalhaven and I don’t want this to come across in anyway as critical or being a whinger: they are just my observations and experiences as a resident.
    • The Entertainment Infrastructure of the Shoalhaven is woeful. I have not in the past held back in expressing my thoughts about the Roxy Cinema. Some people like the old world charm that the Roxy has. Personally I found the small screens, average sound system, weird people flows and zero atmosphere lobby a detraction from the movie experience and I drove many times up to the Shellharbour Cinemas.
    • Lack of casual dining in the Nowra Precinct. I would have loved a Hogs Breath or similar restaurant in the town…instead we are currently getting a Hungry Jacks and a third McDonalds. Really????
    • The non use of the Riverside. I simple don’t understand why there aren’t cafes etc on the river front capitalising on the natural beauty….and before I get crucified by environmentalists, it could all be done without one bell spotted rare exotic tree frog being harmed. Who are these Frogs that command such power???
    • The congested traffic flows through the CBD and the just outright strange traffic decisions that are head shaking moments…like the fact that you can’t travel north from Stocklands, but instead have to drive through the main part of Nowra. This only leads to congestion for the people who are there to shop and not just in transit north from Stocklands. .

Anyway that will do with the negatives, just a couple of observations. Reality is that I have loved my time living here, I have loved the people I have met and done life and church with.

I will miss you Nowra.

Ps Peter Pilt.

Here are couple of pics.

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P1020164 P1040684 P1040825 P1050029 P1050451 P1090143 P1090183 P1100386 P1200224 P1200634 Sunday Baptism 3

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13 replies

  1. Peter it seems pointless writing to you or responding to your posts. If you don’t mind me saying, you seem like one opinionated little pastor, leading a comfortable life on Australia’s East coast.The pathetic observations you make about your tough life in Nowra are lamentable. How is your life with Jesus? What is He sharing with you? What do you do to reach the lost? Are you sold out to Him or your toys and comfort? I don’t know what you did before pastoring but you seem to be doing okay for yourself.

    Apologies if I come across a bit hard but there is more to life as a Christian than what I read here.

    Blessings, Alan

    • Do you even know Peter, Alan? Peter is the hardest working, most on fire, unashamed pastor I know. He’s not backwards in coming forward about what he feels the Spirit is leading him to say or do. Nor does he hesitate to take action. I doubt you’d find anyone more committed to social justice than he is and making a huge difference that most never even see. Yes, he’s opinionated, yes he has an observable ‘good life’ but what don’t you see? What heartaches and losses do you not know about? What difficulties and sacrifices have been and are continuing to be made? There IS a lot more to his life as a Christian than what you read here. This is his goodbye to a community he loved and served well, not a biography of his life.

      I too don’t want to seem harsh Alan but I hope someday you get to know the man he is rather than the one you think he is(n’t).


    • Thanks for you opinion Alan but you seemed to have judged me based on reading only one of my blogs. Seems a little shallow. How about you read a little deeper and read some of my blogs about Honour Killings, Female Genital Mutilation, the Child Sex Slave Trade. I have worked hard both in Australia and Overseas to better the life of children, particularly female children. The blog I have written tonight is not meant to expose all the dark dangers of Nowra. As a pastor I have worked with ICE addicts, victims of Domestic Violence, families whose loved ones have been murdered, families of suicides and others… You just seem incredibly judgemental with your opening sentence and I wonder why. For someone who seems to be wanting to promote Jesus you seem extremely judgemental. Maybe you should take a little step back and rather than see me through the lens of your obvious hurts and disappointments with Pastors you see the good in my post, I am championing the local church, I am promoting family, I am talking about the great things of the Shoalhaven….use that as a starting point.

    • So I was right Tony. Your criticism of my post has got nothing at all to do with me…except that I am a Pastor and therefore fall into a category of people who you just all lump together and do a group hate on…..Funny your original comment to me was challenging me about my Christianity….So right back at you buddy. Maybe you should take some of the hurt and hatred you have toward Pastors and give it to Jesus. Allow him to heal that….and this advice with free…please do not send me any money.

  2. Good by Peter, its been a pleasure having you with us.

  3. You never cease to amaze me PPP
    No matter what you write there is always someone…..
    Love the laughs i get
    Alan Jones…..all I can say is go to Peters page and look at the send off they gave him when he made the decision to leave Nowra asa pastor and move to QLD to take up a position where he can impact thousands of lives. All you need to do is look at the video montage of some of his sermons and what he has done through the years.
    I only wish I had a pastor half as good as him growing up because it would have been a lot easier.
    He not only talks the talk but walks the walk as well
    In the small amount of time i have known him all I have seen is a fantastic person with a beautiful loving family. You can see on his page every day how much he loves his family and friends and in this day and age that is a true testimony of a man.
    Someone that actually cares about others.
    A man that puts his family and others before himself every time
    Opinionated….. yes…. but that is what i love so much about him because he is not afraid to speak the truth. Regardless of what others think about him. He makes everyone laugh with his take on the Morning News Wrap and the spin he puts on it to make it not so horrifying.
    He is not afraid of the backlash or people that want to attack him rather than have a creative discussion about the post.
    He is willing to agree to disagree with people and look at all points of view.
    As a pastor he is truly amazing with how far he will go to engage the people and show them the love of Jesus

    How many pastors do you know go out of their way to write encouragement letters to people they hardly know to let them know someone cares. To people who are not even part of the church he pastored at Nowra. Most people nowadays just type one basic form letter and send that. Even with his busy life Peter actually took the time to hand write every single letter.
    I have my letter to myself and my husband.from him giving us the encouragement we so desperately needed in a hard season in our life.

    Get to know Peter and you will see what you said is so far from the truth.

    Luv Deb

  4. Tony, I have no idea what you are going on about. I am out of this conversation.

    • Tony, your condemnation is breathtaking in its scope.WOW……You don’t know me in the least but you have become my self appointed spiritual guide….Well I am sorry but I find your comments and spirit to be dark and judgemental. Go away….

  5. I wish you and your family the best of everything for the next chapter in your lives. Please continue all that you do Peter. 😃🍀🌞

  6. Pete, You touched on some subjects close to my heart. Agree about the River- lost opportunity so far. I have an appointment next month to see Jo. Eight years ago I pushed for the Western Bypass which is State approved but got firmly told not to rock the boat. This would have allowed a proper plan for Nowra.
    My favorite pic from you is the Boycott Hell Choose Jesus. I would like it permanent.
    We also need up market accommodation as well as eating places. Also an Airport. My street directory a few years old) has Abatross identified as Nowra Airport. I suggested it could be used as a regional civil airport as well as military like Canberra and Fairbairn were.
    I will keep trying for this town. We need someone with your flair.
    Thanks for the miracle while you were here. I am healthier and wiser now. Praise Jesus!

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