Bob Russo: A Great Guy Who Embodies the Essence of National Others Week.


The fourth annual National Others Week begins this Sunday the first of November. Click here for National Others Week Website. National Others Week is about focussing on others and harnessing the Power of Kind. I personally believe that you can change the world through acts of Kindness. We all lament at times the bad news that populates the evening news bulletins or the Morning News Wrap: but we have the power within us to make the world a better place every time we show kindness, whether that be a random act of kindness or an intentional act of kindness. Whether it be to a complete stranger or to someone already in our world. Whether it be expensive or cheap…..Every kind act helps to change the world.

In the lead up to National Others Week I wanted to give a public shout out to a man who I think lives and understands the creed:- Power of Kind. His name is Bob Russo. He comes from a little South Coast village called Greenwell Point and spends a lot of his time helping others. In the 15 years that I was the Senior Pastor of Nowra City Church, I witnessed the huge capacity that Bob had to help others over and over and over again.

Bob, I know you have made the world a better place. Thanks for living a world changing life.

Ps Peter Pilt

National Director Global Care.

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  1. Planet shaker! Kingdom Builder!

  2. Not long after going to Nowra City Church we got handed a beautiful, kind, thoughtful letter from Bob … and handwritten. We have kept that letter as the words are so beautiful and encouraging. We were both overcome with what Bob said about us. We love you Bob and thank you (again) for your words.

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