Hertz Car Company:- My Experience With Their Deceptive Online Booking Process.


I am not real sharp on figures so please someone help me understand the online booking practices of Hertz Car Rental Company. Last night I booked a Hertz hire car for a six hour period today to be taken from Sydney Airport. The basic car fee was $53.76 and then after the additional things of taxes, location fee, vehicle registration recovery, admin recovery and giving me unlimited kilometers, the final cost was $87.59. Fair price I thought to myself and so I booked it and was given a booking reference number.

This morning I turned up to Sydney Hertz, handed over my credit card and was told the final cost of the car was $160.33. I asked why. The Hertz man explained that the $87.59 didn’t included the following:-

  • Insurance Excess Waiver
  • Vehicle Rego Recovery Fee
  • Administration Recovery Fee
  • Personal Accident Effects
  • Premium Roadside Assistance
  • Pre Paid Tolls (to be fair I asked for this)
  • Credit Card Surcharge
  • Location Fee
  • GST


I explained to him that some of those charges were included in the price  that I had agreed to online and then I am pretty sure he started to speak in a language that I didn’t understand. Clearly my Economics Degree did not equipe me to hire a car. On returning the car I asked to speak to a manager and left even more dazed and confused.

So can anyone explain to me how I can book a car online for $87 and end up paying $160.

I think today I became a fan of Uber. I may have said that to the Hertz Manager.

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  1. Peter, in the grand scheme of things it is a minor irritation: Just an example of the many injustices of life.
    I have read a few of your postings lately and respectfully, if I may say so, you tend to focus on things which pale into insignificance with the problems faced by most people who live outside Australia. As an Australian minister and missionary to South East Asia I can claim this with some authority.
    I read about your ‘pass it on’ style foundation and am wondering how sincere you are about really making a difference in life and death situations.
    Let me explain, I was sent by the Lord four years ago to pioneer a training centre for young people called of Him to plant churches in Myanmar, Thailand, Laos etc… Our organisation is called Kingdom Mission International and is based in the Northern Thai town called Maesai in Chiang Rai Province (Golden Triangle region). This region is still a centre for drugs and human trafficking.
    One of my students is a Pakistani Christian (Nouman Prince) and before knowing Nouman I had very little interest in Pakistan. But hearing his stories of his own and the persecutions of his family and friends, my interest began to kindle. Some of what they endure is unimaginable.
    I began to meet some of his friends who are Christian Pakistani refugees in Bangkok, where they are begrudgingly given temporary asylum, but have to endure much harassment from Thai authorities and others. One of these men is a man called Francis Sodagar, who works tirelessly alongside Farrukh Saif on behalf of their traumatised people.
    Some months ago Francis asked me if I could help start a school for these Pakistani children (400-500) who are prohibited from attending Thai schools. As a group they receive no assistance from Thailand and UNHCR does not do much more. Daily they live in fear of deportation back to the furnace of persecution.
    At the moment much is being made of the Syrian refugees but these same Muslims are the ones who would kill and persecute Christians back in Syria or Pakistan.
    In our politically correct culture we are shouted down if we speak the truth.
    Peter there is much to be done for our brothers and sisters in Christ who have no voice,no hands, no hope.
    You have contact with some politicians in Australia, including the Premier of N.S.W. Well if you have a heart to help then start lobbying for our persecuted Pakistani brothers and sisters to come as refugees. These are the ones being persecuted by the others often fleeing to the West themselves. There are many opportunists out there but the situation and people I am sharing with you are real.
    I will include a link to a 29 minute video I would appreciate your thoughts on and our webpage.
    If you really want to make a difference then here is one avenue of life and death which needs you.



  2. https://l.facebook.com/l/UAQH1DsKjAQHKuWPTYOTNtCwS-nZ1nfyS5ssJR8Csn07lIQ/https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3D0VisYz_1aEw

    Hi Peter,
    I am an Australian pastor and missionary in the Northern Thai town of Maesai, which is located on the border of Myanmar and a stones throw to Laos.
    I have read a few of your posts of late and am wondering if you really want to make a difference to the lives of those who face a genuine life and death struggle?
    I was sent to this region four years ago by the Lord to start a training centre for those called of God to do church planting throughout Myanmar and S.E. Asia. I also have one Pakistani student, Nouman Prince.
    Through Nouman I have become acquainted with genuine Christian Pakistani refugees in Thailand who have fled for their lives. I am attaching (above) a link to a 29 minute video which I would appreciate you watching and then letting me know your thoughts.
    I know many of the ‘players’ in this scenario.
    One, Francis Sodager, has asked me for help in establishing a school for refugee children in Bangkok as Thai authorities do not let them attend school (about 500 children).
    You have contacts in government and they could be useful re. taking our Christian brothers and sisters into Australia. This would be true Christian Global Care.

    My webpage: http://www.kingdommission-int.com


    email alansjones1@gmail.com

  3. I know that when we compare our lives to many others – we are truly blessed.
    But that doesn’t mean that we can’t be a little flustered when we are being ripped off – which I believe you were Peter. It sounds like the old “bait and switch” to me, which is illegal btw.
    But I also don’t believe that we should be comparing ourselves to others. God calls us to do the best where we are with what we have – not put on others down. Just my opinion.

  4. Keep up with all the blogging Peter. I and many more people love everything you share.


  6. I will speak to my son (he works at Hertz WaggaWagga) & see what he has to say about this, if & only if you say it’s okay to forward this on to him. Maureen Shearer. Grafton

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