The Top Ten Positives for a Christian of Halloween


Thought today as it’s Halloween that I would list out the top ten positives from the Christian perspective of the American tradition of Halloween. So what are the positives of having checkout operators in a lot of shops dressed as witches, and what are the positives of dressing our children up as ghouls, demons, and zombies and sending them out on the streets to ask strangers for lollies….so here they are:-











That’s a pretty comprehensive list.


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  1. Hey Pete,

    Thanks for putting that list up. I was aware of a few of them, such as 4, 7, and 9 – but was interested to read the other ones.

    To be completely honest with you, 2. would be debatable, but I gues if you were “drawing a line in the sand,” so to speak, then I can see why you included it in the end.

    Again, thanks.

    I’ll be sure to pass this on.

    Have a great day.

  2. Even our police are worried about idiots giving the kids drugs and passing them off as lollies

  3. Definitely a comprehensive list to say the least. Where do you get this from? I can’t imagine the time you put into this. I look forward to your Christmas list.

  4. I still want to know about MY main positive of Halloween. From a toatally selfish point of view…..
    Jalan doesnt eat chocolate or lollies but i have a minor obsession (ok you got me there….no lies……..a major obsession) Free chocolate is even better….And lots of it
    By letting Jalan dress up in a cute costume and have some fun and laughs with her friends and lots of parental security and just go around the complex she comes home with a huge bucket full of chocolate and lollies. This in turn supplies my needs for at least 3 months……ooops 3 weeks……ooops 3 days ooooopsy 3 hours…..oh come one dont be pedantic…..3 minutes……
    All because lots of people want to spend their hard earned money to give cute kids that smile at them lots of treats…..(bear in mind anything that is not fully wrapped and sealed is binned imeadiately which technically i feel is criminal because that is less for me to munch on)

    But yes as a Christian I agree with your positives.
    There are truly way too many negatives

    Which is one reason we decided as a famliy not to decorate our house as we used to
    Nearly cried the day i gave my 3 huge roller boxes of halloween decorations away…
    My house did look pretty awesome though lol….

    Luv Deb

  5. And it should help Christians to remember that it’s Reformation Day. Without it we’d still be in the spiritual darkness of the middle ages thinking we get to heaven via the worship of Mary and indulgences rather than the death and ressurection of Jesus Christ.

  6. Love your work Peter! Sums it up perfectly……

    Sent from my iPad


  7. Loved your blog, Peter. And all the comments. Good for a laugh. Agree wholeheartedly with your sentiments. I have a hatred of Halloween, which apart from the Christian perspective, was fuelled by experiences many years ago, particularly by a couple of boys dressed as ghosts who blew flour in my face when I said I really didn’t have anything to give them, and then they set a fire in my letter box. Delightful. For the most part though, at the moment, it’s just kids looking cute and asking for lollies. In the US you would be afraid not to provide the treats. Almost anything could happen to your property.

  8. I guess the only positive is for a Christian who has shares in the outlets that sell the goods for the occasion.. Selah!

  9. As usual Pete you hit the Pumpkin on the head 😉

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