Interesting: The Vatican on Halloween.

Yesterday was Halloween and I wrote a blog that effectively said there is nothing positive about Halloween from a Christian perspective. Here is the blog if you want to read it.

I obviously touched a nerve with some people as I was called a kill joy, an old meanie and was also told if I don’t want to be served in a shop by someone dressed as a witch or a ghoul, then I simply shouldn’t shop during Halloween.

I was also told Halloween is just innocent fun. Which I disagree with on a number of levels. Firstly, dressing your children up in brutal death scenes including fake blood and fake injuries is not “innocent fun” but actually quiet disturbing. Particularly in an era in Australia where domestic violence, that’s violence within families, is at an all time high. We are sending serious mixed messages to our nation’s children. Secondly is the spiritual aspect behind Halloween. And this is where the Vatican comes in. In today’s Sunday Mail there is an article titled Hosannas to the Devil. Here is the text from the article:-

Vatican exorcists have condemned the celebration of Halloween, saying the festival is the equivalent of ‘singing hosannas to the devil.’

Rome’s chief exorcist Gabriel Amorth, warned that the increased occult activity fuelled insomnia, mental illness, depression, and suicidal thoughts in children.

The Catholic Church has also claimed that Halloween is responsible for an increase in demonic possession in October, with an official helpline saying it receives hundreds of calls for help over this period especially from parents.

When I was the Pastor of Nowra City Church, I was very well aware that Halloween was a time of increased occult activity and was seen by occultists as one of the high dates on the calendar.

Halloween is not innocent fun…..


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  1. Again grasshopper you hit it on the head

  2. Unfortunately now Australia has taken this American tradition. What they also do not realise that more children in America are taken and killed on this one night.

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