Morning News Wrap for Wednesday 6th January 2016.


M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the News:-

So some cricketer flirted with a female reporter and all hell has broken lose. Oh by the way if you are a female reporter and you flirt with a man…. now that is surely ok. Click here for the link  Let’s end the sexism and the hypocrisy and shut up. Does anyone else find it weird that Tinder is accepted where you can hook up with anyone for sex and society sees that as completely acceptable, but a cricketer tells a woman she has pretty eyes and well blow me down – he is a misogynist pig. Grow up people. End Rant.

Nope rant continues. I have just read that he has been fined $10,000. Wow. Just wow. Please view the link to the clip posted……what happened to this reporter……nothing…Oh wait….so its ok to flirt if you are a girl but not if you are a boy…..ok roger that.

Evacuations and flood warnings issued for parts of the NSW Hunter Region

Maria Sharapova withdraws from Brisbane International….not because of lack of attention from the single members of the Australian Cricket team.

Calls for ‘no body no parole’ legislation to be introduced nationwide.

Forty cars are on fire at car auction business in Sydney’s west. I guess they are hot rods now. Well its a true fire sale. Hey I have some smokin deals for you.

Great Ocean Road reopens.

Germany shocked by mass coordinated sexual assaults on women during New Year’s Eve celebrations in Colonge by “Arab looking men” but authorities have warned not to blame migrants.

A Japanese sushi boss has paid $162,000 for a rare giant bluefin tuna (by the way…not to save it but to eat it). Good Job Sushi Boss.

Woman in Russia uses a cigarette lighter to unfreeze petrol pump stuck in the car. Becomes candidate for Darwin Awards.

US anti-government militia continue stand off in Oregon.

Saudi Arabia is running out of money.

Kylie Jenner strips to barely there lingerie for what is being deemed a pointless sexy video……hey cricketing world don’t watch this as you will be labelled misogynistic.

A UFC reporter has sparked a debate about reverse sexism by ogling a UFC cage fighter…..Not commenting but of so many comments. Oh and by the way I am not defending the cricket guy I am making a statement at the hypocrisy of Australians….Oh we are all so shocked… minute someone of the opposite sex exactly the same thing and we all turn a blind eye.

Pastor from the Gold Coast rants during the Morning News Wrap.

And on that note consider yourself across the major issues today.

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