Morning News Wrap for Monday the 18th January 2016


M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your awesome Frontal Lobe. Good Morning and welcome to today. Here is the news with a smattering of attitude.

Aussie surgeon and his wife kidnapped by Jihadists in Burkina Faso.

Bandit holds up Gold Coast bottle shop with a spear gun.

Turnbull visits troops in Iraq…..Wait up….I genuinely thought we were out of Iraq.

Toby Price becomes first Aussie to win Paris to Dakar Rally.

A father abandoned his baby on a Sydney platform so he could go and punch his mate.

Climber dies after falling off the edge of a mountain in Queensland – plummets 350 metres.

Security guard stays cool while woman slaps him and unleashes racist rant – all because she was kicked out of a Sydney pub.

An elephant in Southern India has gone on a rampage.

Washington Post reporter freed from Iranian jail after 543 days behind bars for ‘espionage’.

ISIL money stock pile obliterated. Millions of dollars destroyed.

Celine Dion’s husband died two days ago.

Celine Dion’s brother died yesterday.

Celine Dion is having a very bad week.

Security forces rescue 126 hostages and kill three militants following Al-Qaeda linked attack on Burkina Faso hotel. 28 people were killed when militants targeted ‘white people’ including the killing of a 9 yr old girl.

The people who won $1.5 billion dollars in the US Powerball – plan to go to work today.

Iran hails end of Sanctions.

Taiwan ushers in new era with first women president.

ISIL kidnaps more than 400 Syrian Civillians.

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  1. Peter do you support Michele Obama? Do you realise how dangerous and anti Christian she and her husband are? Best wishes.

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