Morning News Wrap for Friday 5th February 2016



M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the News:

Happy 12th Birthday Facebook.

21 year old man charged over the street race that claimed two lives.

A body has been found in a burnt out car 50kms north of Melbourne.

Google to direct Australian online searches for extremist material towards warning about radicalization.

Two teens have been charged over the fatal stabbing last month of a man at a Perth bus stop.

Two meerkats born at Taronga Zoo are the first in seven years and because there are two you can compare the meerkats.

Part of a 5 year old girl’s nose has been bitten off in a dog attack in Sydney.

A Sydney man disqualified for 76 years from driving is fighting his 29th driving charge.

11 Churches have offered their churches to Asylum Seekers facing deportation to Manus Island following the high court ruling.

Toxic lettuce recall following salmonella outbreak…..

Bob doesn’t eat Lettuce

Bob eats Bacon

Bacon is nice

Bob is smart

Be like Bob.

Warren Truss falls asleep during a Turnbull speech in Parliament.

Rare tortoise stolen from Perth Zoo.

Michael Schumacher is not doing well.

Pro rape group forced to cancel events in the UK.

Friends star Matt LeBlanc one of the new hosts of Top Gear. Apparently the opening line now of the show is ‘How you doin?’

Five year old California boy suffering Leukemia has proposed to his favorite nurse. She said yes.

Shell to cut 10,000 jobs.

Wall Street up 90 points.

The UN Court has ruled in favor of Julian Assange. But the UK is saying that his warrant for his arrest is still valid.

World leaders pledge $14 billion to Syria.

UN panel rebukes Iran for child sex laws.

Cheeky wife of a Michigan man has had his ring engraved with a gentle reminder of their commitment. See Pic.

Have a great Friday.

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  1. “Shell to cut 10,000 jobs”.

    Should we pay a bit more at the pumps to keep these guys in a job?

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