Morning News Wrap for Thursday 4th February 2016

M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the News:

Controversial Auburn Councillor Salim Mehajer……forget it…..reading about this guy causes a brain bleed akin to watching Shane Warne in I am a Celebrity Get Me out of Here. Or really watching anyone in the Celebrity reality show. Ok let’s be honest….watching any reality TV show.

Significant High Court decision re Asylum Seekers handed down yesterday. Pastor from the Gold Coast surprisingly has an opinion on the decision and has blogged his opinion, again surprisingly. Click here to read the blog

Police search for 8 people reported missing in flooded north west Queensland.

Gold Coast McDonalds worker pays for broke mum’s dinner – which sadly makes the news because kindness is often rarer than a hot spot on pluto. Become the hot spot and let’s change the world.

Early morning raids nab 14 hoons in Victorian police crackdown. Weren’t these the same Vic police looking for the knicker nicker reported in yesterday’s Morning News Wrap.

Police search for man who rubbed up against young women in Melbourne shopping Centre……I suggest the undie cover officers in the previous story look for this creep.

Russian hackers blamed for the many bomb hoaxes phoned in to about 20 schools.

A Kiwi batsman…..nope sorry. Can’t report on Kiwi cricketers.

Croc spotted lounging in the shallows of ‘family friendly’ far north Queensland beach. Well the beach sounds like its family friendly for the croc’s family.

Police find body of missing Gold Coast Kayaker.

Bus driver crushed to death between two buses in Sydney.

North Korea bombarding South Korea with human waste…..which unpalatably and ironically (yet not literally) mirrors the election process in the US right now. (or anytime Clive Palmer has spoken in the last three months – which is minimal as he is MP MIA).

Yahoo lays off 15 percent of their staff. The Chief Financial Officer during a Press Conference was heard to say Yahoo (ok made that last bit up).

Wisconsin man arrested. His name is Doo-doo Zopittybob-bop-bop.

Explosion rips hole in Somali Plane minutes after takeoff.

Sydney boy saves four lives in India with organ donation after he died during a family holiday……be an organ donor.

Zika virus may have been caused from genetically modified Mosquitos.

Bill Cosby was ‘granted over immunity’ over sex crimes.

World’s biggest blanket created in India.

Have a super Thursday

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