Guest Blogger Ps Andrew Evans OAM, On The July Federal Election.


Dear Friends,

Over the next month I have teamed up with Pastor Peter Pilt to write regular blogs until the election to give some guidance to my readers of how to vote and the reasons for it so we can have the best result for our country which we love.

Firstly I would like to challenge the myth that Christians and churches should not involve themselves in the political process. As a pastor for nearly sixty years my understanding of the Gospel is that we are called as Christians to present the good news, but also resist evil. Jesus put it in simple terms by saying that we are salt and light. The idea of separation of church and state is not that the church does not get involved in politics, but rather that the politicians kept out of the church’s beliefs and freedoms. That is why Christians went from Europe where there was much persecution and pioneered and populated America, so the church would be free from interference by governments in what they believe to be Biblical principles. These rules of engagement have generally been followed but in the last few years things have been dramatically changed and governments are now pushing left wing policies that are so destructive that the church has to speak up.

For example. The federally funded Safe Schools initiative is purportedly an anti-bullying program. In fact this radical program introduces children from primary age up to sexual concepts that are far from age appropriate.

A couple of examples include:

1. Girls are taught how to bind their chests so their breasts will not develop.

2. Cross-dressing is encouraged.

3. These under teenage children are taught gay and lesbian sexual techniques.

4. The children are encouraged to choose to use either boys’ or girls’ toilets and/or the introduction of unisex toilets.

5. These young students are being taught that heterosexuality is not exclusive and they are encouraged to explore sexual and gender diversity.

6 That your sexuality is fluid. No matter what your genitals may be, namely that you are either male or female, this extreme evil teaching tells the children that you are what we feel you are and that sexuality is fluid.

These are the reasons why we have to stand up for our children.

Please get involved and praying every day until the day of the election for good government. Support Christian and conservative candidates and vote that way.

Del and I will be voting Family First but your vote is your choice but following the above principles.

Every blessing,

Andrew Evans OAM

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10 replies

  1. Speaking with a number of friends on the forthcoming elections, it appears most are reluctant to vote outside the norm of Liberal / Labor. Voting for other parties that actually reflect theirs, and mine, viewpoints is right and commendable but one must look into the seriousness of those votes.

    Those I’ve spoken with share a great concern about where the votes of say voting for Family First will eventually end up. Preferences are divided between the Libs / Labor platform. If this still remains the case, why not vote directly rather than not.

    We understand that should say Family First get sufficient votes equating to seat, then they have a voice but still their votes favour one side against the other.

    In your presentation on the forthcoming elections through this site, could you please address some of these issues clearly.

    Cheers Kathryn Smith

    • Hi Kathryn, Under the new rules it is the voter how places their preferences according to their desire. My suggestion is that I will be giving the second preference to other Christian like parties.

  2. Andrew Concerning where preferences go the new rules have put it in the hands of the votes. I will be giving my second preference to other Christian parties then the Liberals.

  3. The rules have been changed so the preferences are now lift to the you not the parties. So you can put your vote where you like. I will be giving my second preference the Christian like parties then liberal.

  4. Have to state that Safe schools is being taught at infants levels, and we are already having issues with our six yr old’s not just Chritians that need to wake up, the whole electorate needs to do so.
    If you think voting outside the Liberalb/ Labor voting isn’t safe, sincerely look at what you are voting for with either of those parties, look at what you really want happening in your government and how you want it to be run, find the local candidate and vote correctly…make your vote count !

  5. what are Family First policy on refugee intake? if it is advocating for more refugee intake, I would not vote for them

  6. Problem a lot of electorates may not have Family First candidates, secondly I like my local member but not the party he represents

  7. To answer the two above questions. 1. Our refugee policy is similar to the coalition, we feel for these people but there is only so many our country can support.
    2. We have covered many electorate in Australia but if not vote Family First 1 in the senate, if our 6 senators from each state are elected we will hold the balance of power and stop bad legislation,

  8. I’m asking God’s forgiveness for where we have in the past failed to collectively pray for our national leaders and Government. Our prayers provide the prayer cover that is necessary for Governments to rule wisely, with Godly authority and in the best interests of all people who make up our nation. When it is not forthcoming, Governments can fall into chaos and confusion but when properly in place righteousness and justice can flow according to God’s perfect will.

  9. Wow what chance do our kid’s have ? Thanks Andrew for your words. I’d be taking my kid out of any school that promoted that rubbish

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