Guest Blogger: The Partner of the Woman at the Centre of the Bill Shorten Motorcade Accident: Shane Lee


On May 19th 2016, Bill Shorten’s motorcade pulled off a country road starting a chain of events that led to a head on car accident. As a result Shorten was filmed caring for a lady who had been in one of the cars. I wrote a blog about how the camera’s really should have been turned off: particularly as it’s in an election campaign.

Click here to read that blog.

Today, 23rd May 2016, the partner of the woman in the photos released, Shane Lee, commented on my blog. He painted a broader picture of what happened. I emailed Shane and asked for permission to blog his comment. I was particulalry keen to blog his comment due to the local ALP candidate making the statement that Shorten’s “care” for the lady shows his character……Well game on. Let’s have a look at Shorten’s  character through the eyes of the woman photographed in the car and the story retold by her partner and the father of the 2 year old boy who was also in the car.

This is the unedited text from Shane. (I only added spaces for paragraphs)


You are dead right about this whole situation Peter.

That was my partner & son in the magna & yes she made a mistake (we mere mortals do that sometimes) but I find it very difficult to comprehend that anyone could give clearance for a cavalcade to pull up in that location, its bloody ludicrous!

The final vehicle in the motorcade of morons not only FAILED TO INDICATE but also DID NOT PULL COMPLETELY OFF THE ROAD & there is footage that clearly shows that & that’s why she swerved, to avoid hitting that imbicile.

As for Mr (I’m so caring) Bill Shorten, he needs a lesson in ethical behaviour in a major way.

In the minutes after the collision, camera crews were bustin their arses to get photos of my partner (which i can understand) but when they started pursueing photos of our son she was not impressed & was not shy in telling them all to take a job involving sex & travel (f%£k off) & stop filming him. So to show his true caring nature Shorten requested that all the crews stopped filming espescially my boy, all except his camera crew who were allowed to continue taking pictures in a discreet manner so my partner wouldn’t erupt again & that’s when most of the touching photos of Billy were taken & in the majority of them my partner isn’t clearly visible because they didn’t want her to spot them.

He is an oppurtunistic arsewipe that took full advantage of a terrible situation to promote himself to the public. Dont get me wrong, I appreciate him & his people taking care of my boy & getting him home but as you said, it would have been far more genuine if ALL CAMERAS STOPPED. Now here’s the kicker, what the cameras didn’t show was the 2yr old little boy crying & calling out to Mr Shorten to let him keep a little plush horse toy that he was given to play with & then had taken straight back off him when the cameras stopped!! WHAT A GREAT MAN HE IS AYE!!

Bill is just like every other oxygen wasting politician that has come & gone before him.

End of Shane’s Comment.

I stand by my original comment. This moment was a moment of humanity not political point scoring. So local ALP candidate, I think we did see Shorten’s character and you may colour me unimpressed by what I and certainly Shane and his family saw.

I am pleased that Shane’s partner and son and the other person involved in the accident are all ok. I do suggest that in the future, political roadside press conferences are better planned.

Anyway, That’s what I think.

Ps Peter Pilt

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24 replies

  1. Thank you to Shane and his family for exposing the true nature of this vile little man. Labor politician through and through.

    Thank goodness you family are safe, lets hope your expose helps to prevent Labor from causing irreversible harm to the future of all our families.

  2. Thought there might have been more to it. What a worm he is, making political gain out of someone’s misfortune.

  3. Unfortunately (presuming the above is true) this shows how untruthful media articles are.

    The media should be like witnesses in court, under legal compulsion to tell “the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth”.

  4. Hi Peter, i need to make a small amendment to my previous comment as i made a mistake in it. My partner wasn’t actually swerving to avoid one of Shortens cars as she first thought, it was actually a member of the public (who didn’t stop) that was in front of her so i must apologise for the “moron” comment.

    This whole situation has been twisted & contorted in such a huge manner that its almost unbeleivable! The press has made Mr Shorten out to be a modern day mother theresa & that couldn be further from the truth. After further discussion with my partner it would seem that the real “mother theresa” was actually Miss Swanson! She was the person that actually offered my partner shortens car to rest in & she is also the one responsible for getting the books & toy for my little fella. I now know that she was the person who was sittin with my son on her lap & reading to him while my partner was gettin checked over by ambulance members. It would seem that miss swanson is really the beautiful, caring individual in this whole saga & i believe she was very sincere in her actions as i have not seen any posed photos or rehearsed comments from her to bolster her public image. Miss Swanson even text my partner the next day after first tryin to call her just to check she was ok & she even remembered my little mans name( haven’t heard a peep from shorten or his team since the cameras stopped rolling). So THANK YOU VERY MUCH MISS MERYL SWANSON, you are truly a loving, caring person & the hunter area would be lucky to have a member of parliament like yourself representing us.
    As for you Mr Shorten perhaps you should take a long walk of a short pier & let a truly genuine person like her lead your party as she deserves it a lot more than you do.

    • Hey Shane, Did you see my email re the journalist?

      • Hi pete. Yeah i did see it just not sure on what to do there as i dont want to do anything that may bring any sort of trouble or worry down on my partner which she is a little concerned about. I personally couldn care less about that as i believe this country has the right to hear what kind of individual they may be goin to choose as our leader! I’ll have a chat to the Mrs about it when i return home from this run (im a truckie) & get her thoughts on it & get back at ya asap. What does the reporter want exactly??


        Sent from my iPhone

      • Hey Shane, I am not entirely sure, but I would suggest they want to verify the story and ask you a few questions. I totally get the ‘Hey I don’t want to put pressure on the mrs’ so no pressure from me one way or the other . But if you want to pass on your contact details then I will put the journalist in touch. My mobile is 0407 288 404 if you want to ring and chat.

  5. A few years back, I was manning a booth at a conference for people with disabilities to learn more about employment and learning opportunities. I was in a deep conversation with the mother of a disabled child, when I was interrupted with a hand shoved at me and a “Hi there, I’m Bill Shorten, how’s it all going here?”.

    We were very obviously in the middle of a conversation. The lady and I stopped and just looked at him in disbelief. I didn’t shake his hand and said “we’re right in the middle of a private conversation. I’ll happily talk to you when we’re done, so feel free to wait here, or you can come back later”. He did neither.

    And this time last year, I watched him go through the checkout at Coles. Through the entire process, he was on the phone. No conversation with the staff member, no “thank you” at the end, nothing. Just a sign of him being interested in workers I guess?

    • Interesting comment. Just for the future, if you meet a person who happens to have a disability remember it’s only that, a disability, it’s not the entire person’s identity. So if you relate your story again, I suggest you refer to the ‘child with a disability’ not a disabled child.


      Margie (a Special Educator)

      • As long as somebody isn’t being rude or demeaning, why be pedantic Margie. It’s people being pedantic that discourages the rest of us from caring about these things.

      • I agree Brian. Too much political correctness. I respect and admire disabled people for their courage and determination. It is difficult for untrained people when they meet up with disabled people – often difficult to know how to react to them. I try to treat them as I would anyone, but then sometimes you are accused of bring patronising. I live with a disabled person, so know how difficult it can be.

      • Cannot see much difference between ‘a disabled child’ or ‘a child with a disability’. It’s all about language isn’t it? e.g. I disabled the burglar alarm, because it was an alarm with a disability’. Anyway, do not know how this blog works, but the subject was not about people with disabilities – the disability comment made by Brian was a side issue introduced by him to reinforce his comment.

  6. I believe all u say.
    Lindy Chamberlain was crucified by the press.
    Bill shorten makes a name for himself.
    The press have a lot to answer for….makes no difference who is on the camera it is all for sensationalism

  7. As a PR professional I think that’s damn poor form. ALP love misery and Bill Shorten is the King of it. This is the man who made his name pushing the union and getting all the publicity he could while two men where trapped underground in the Beaconsfield mine after all – he never missed a camera then why would he now….. If he ends up running the country I’m leaving!

    • As for shorten being the union lacky at Beaconsfield, I could never understand how he got out of that mess without a lot of excrement sticking to him!!! HE was the union honcho responsible for workers safety, and it was later found that the mine was in breach of some 30 odd safety issues…. yet shorten got out of there smelling like roses….. How does something like that happen???

  8. This post has as much credibility as Rolf Harris would make a good grandfather. Your assumptions and the bias towards the subject of the article are obvious. It was a bad situation, and people are upset, but no outrage about the person who didn’t indicate, or the poor choice of stopping, obviously Bill was driving all vehicles, and is totally responsible for all others, even the actions of the press, give me a break

    • Well that escalated quickly. Did you actually read the blog. I suggest you didn’t. Which means your comment has as much credibility as Donald Trump speaking on woman’s issues.

    • At what point do i say Shorten was driving matey or that the accident was even his fault?? Thats right, I DIDN’T so maybe you should read it again & quite possibly you may make the realisation that i really couldn give two shits about the political side of it or even who was at fault. MY PROBLEM WAS SHORTEN USING MY SON AS SOME KIND OF POPULARITY GAINING SIDESHOW & if you cant understand that then you are obviously not a parent or you’re a very very sad example of one…

    • If he can’t control a handful of press on the side of the road – how the hell is he going to control an entrire country?

    • Well, if we are to believe Bill’s capabilities he probably could drive all cars.

  9. Honestly, the only thing I have been thinking this whole time of reading the blog post and the comments is, “What about the kid? Did he ever get his ‘horsey’ back? Or get one another horsey to keep?” I only ask as children often need and want a “transitional object” to help them cope with a traumatic situation – and by giving the boy a toy, it would have helped him cope with the situation and provided him some comfort, but taking it back off him could very well have done more harm than anything else, and undone any helpfulness; even possibly.. probably… re-traumatizing him by forcing him to experience a loss of his ‘friend’ so soon after the initial trauma of the car accident.

    I am probably not explaining myself very well, but taking the toy back off the boy, was perhaps the worse thing anyone could have done.

    • Thank you Debra!! Finally someone has got the exact point i was tryin to make. I dont care about political crap or any of that stuff. My boy is my greatest concern & shorten just used him to try & gain points with the public then left him stranded so to speak when he was done! I seen one if his comments afterwards & it was “im a father first & a politician second” or somethin similar!! WHAT A BLOODY LOAD OF S%#T that is.

      To answer your question, no he didnt get to keep the horse but i got him somethin way better. He now has a brand new jumping castle/water slide & he absolutely loves it! Hopefully his interaction with Bill is a long lost memory.


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