Today the World was Outraged by the Wrong Thing – The Mitchell Pearce Incident


Today the world has been apparently outraged (I say ‘apparently outraged’ as the outrage will last about 7 minutes) by the three seconds (literally three seconds) of simulated sex with a dog by drunk NRL Roosters Co-Captain Mitchell Pearce. The two minutes of video that has hit the internet has it all: all the major hot buttons (except religion), drunkenness, forced and unwelcomed kissing, confession of lesbianism, simulated bestiality, Indigenous Australians (even the mention of land rights) and the betrayal of a friend (the person doing the video who felt he/she needed to release this to the world for the bargain price of $60,000). But as I viewed the video, the thing that the media storm seems to have missed is the fact that the woman in the video, who clearly is the property owner/tenant, says 11 times to Pearce, “get out”.

  • 11 times he and his friends ignore her statements.
  • 11 times she is dismissed.
  • 11 times her wishes are ignored. 
  • 11 times her voice becomes voiceless in this male dominated room.

And we wonder why we have a domestic violence issues in Australia.

Maybe the outrage about the treatment of the dog and silence about the treatment of the woman contributes to the disempowering of Aussie women.

Anyway that’s my opinion.

Ps Peter Pilt

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13 replies

  1. Well said Peter!

  2. Absolutely! I agree with this perspective. He ignored her. Kudos to her for persisting instead of caving.

  3. This incident was breaking news on the front cover of at least one high publication newspaper, including images of said act. The media at large do not need to display this across the newscast as we know it in this nation. It’s great the league has acted. We don’t need to see it.

  4. Yes, I kept thinking about that. She tried very hard to stay calm but she was totally ignored. Perhaps her biggest mistake was letting them in in the first place.

  5. Read somewhere yesterday that Pearce said he left when asked to. What rubbish if he had to be told 11 times. And as for the news people who paid money to put this on their network, that’s an absolute disgrace too.

  6. I am sick of seeing people in the public eye (athletes, movie stars, celebrities), thinking they can act anyway they want and are above the law. When something like this happens, make sure there is a consequence not just a slap on the wrist and told to behave. Athletes should be suspended for at least 6 months and the stars etc. should not be able to work for 6 months. It is disgusting they the think they are “Gods” when they are just people like the rest of us and they earn far too much money and disrespect everyone and everything.

  7. Perhaps another point of view is that the Lady was obviously as disgusted with his behaviour as we became when we saw it, but simply hilighting her anger rather than the actions that caused it may not have had as much impact. We shared her disgust and supported her opinion of him as our own.

  8. I’m going to be “that guy” and say I feel for Pearce. Yes, he made a c*ck of himself, and behaved badly. I don’t know him. I may or may not like him sober as a person but that doesn’t matter actually. The fact now is he’s a posterboy for every drum-banging ranter with their own cause to push. No-one is hurting more than him right now. How about some encouragement for a bloke who obviously needs some help. We’ve all been there (needing help) or will be one day. I speak from experience.

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