Morning News Wrap for Friday 29th January 2016


M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the news:-

Pell too sick for long haul flight to face child abuse commission.

Woman injured in seaplane off Hamilton Island.

42 fires burning in Tasmania. Lightening strikes may have started more. Greens call for the banning of all Lightning to save the bell spotted tree frog. (Ok I made that last bit up).

MP Bernardi says the Gay Marriage Plebiscite is just a glorified opinion poll. And that is his opinion.

Melbourne teen planned to paint a kangaroo with the ISIL flag, pack it with explosives and set it free near police. Had this been successful the world would no doubt be outraged at the cruelty to the roo. Like the outrage over the poor little puppy in Mitchell Pearce’s world.

There have been some anti-terror raids in Melbourne homes over night. Not sure but I think they arrested Skippy and Kangaroo Jack. They are also searching now for Lassie just to make sure. What’s that Lassie, Timmy’s fallen down the shaft at the old abandoned quarry? (Sorry just reliving my child hood:- the days where a young kid spoke fluent Lassie and we all said:- seems legit).

Serena storms into Aussie Open Final.

Speaking of storms. A big storm warning for SE QLD has been issued for later today.

Federer out.

Headline Reads:- How to get rid of man boobs. Here is my suggestion. Stop eating Krispy Kremes.

Gina Rinehart devastated because she is only worth 12 Thousand Million dollars and now is not the richest person in Oz.

Woolies hit with $11 million bill over Masters property development breach.

Melbourne researcher discovers drugs that melts away Cancer.

Outlaw tourist’s quest for the perfect photo:- scales the great Pyramid. See pic.

Sweden to kick out 80,000 immigrants.

Man arrested with guns and Koran at Paris Disney.

Zika virus global outbreak worsens.

In the UK, porn was accidentally shown at the funeral for a dad and his son.

Dow up 91.

24 people drown off the coast of Greece.

Skier falls 300 metres and survives.

That will do for today. I have to go and rescue Timmy. Woof woof.

Peter Pilt

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  1. Thanks Pete, my frontal lobe is doing gymnastics.

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