Morning News Wrap for Monday 1st February 2016



M68!: Morning News Wrap. From around the Globe to your Frontal Lobe. Good Morning. Here is the news:-

The News Wrap today is bought to you by the letter T and the color Purple.

Djokovic Djokovic Djokovic

Kerber stuns Serena to win Aussie Open.

India beat Australia in the last ball thriller to clinch T20 series.

The three Australians men who raped a woman in Croatia have paid the victim $30,000 and have been cleared to fly home.

Nine News presenter Deborah Knight gives birth to a baby girl. Inappropriate names: Stormy, Scary, Day, Moonlit, Dark, Fright.

WA hoon films himself driving at 180km/hr and then puts the footage on social media proving hoons have no brains.

Queensland cop charged with murdering his baby son.

Brisbane man threatens to break a seven year old girls legs because she kicked his seat on a flight. What a beautiful character this man is.

Michael Clarke to return to grade cricket.

Drunk Russian has his armed ripped off by a bear after ignoring friend’s warning.

Turkey says Russia flew into its airspace – summons ambassador.

Pilot of a helicopter fatally shot by elephant poachers in Tanzania. I think if they think a helicopter looks like an elephant they should have gone to spec savers.

1 killed and 7 hurt in shootings at a Denver Motorcycle show. Wait up since when do bikies carry guns.

Pluto has way more ice that we thought it did….oh oh oh we should rename it Cold Rock.

Hey remember this ad? Gee Oh Gee Gee Oh. What was the ad advertising?

Anne Frank’s stepsister has come out and said Trump is like Hitler…..These kind of stupid exaggerations tick me off.

Fog causes 70 car collision in Slovenia. Ahhhhhhh…..liance.

Three people shot at Auckland Park.

At least 60 people killed in twin blasts in Syrian capital of Damascus.

Wall Street rises nearly 400 points.

Immigration tensions boil over in Sweden.

Facebook to add six new emotions. See Pic. And have a super Monday.

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