Woohoo: The Sharks Won the NRL Grand Final After 50 Years. Here Are My Suggestions For Media Headlines.



Woohoo the Sharks won the NRL Grand Final (14-12) for the first time in their 50 year history. (pic taken of fan car whilst stopped at the lights at Kogarah earlier today.)  As I watched the game I started to think of potential Media Headlines…..Here are my thoughts related to their win:-

Just when you thought it was safe to return to the footy field.

Storms turn sharks wild.

We are going to need a bigger score line.

Shark feeding frenzy at ANZ Stadium.

The Porch Light was left on for Harold Holt……And he walked in.

Melbourne Storm front fails to deter Shark Attack.

Even if Nick Fanning was playing for the Storm, the Sharks would have won.

Dear Melbourne. Sharknado just happened.

Hey Storm. It just got overcast.

KFC:- (Grand Final Sponsor). Tastes like Shark.

Australia finally decides:- Sharks aren’t so bad.

A Plebiscite would vote for Shark Equality.

Hilary Clinton declares that Sharks have no constitutional rights. Storm brewing as a result.

Quote from MC Hammer on the Grandfinal. “Stop! Hammer Shark Time.”

So apparently the Refs in tonight’s game were called White Pointers.

Hey just got off the phone from the Victorian Premier, Daniel Andrews, he regrets not putting out Shark Drum


Storm find out in a brutal way…there are “plenty of fish in the sea”.

If you watch Jaws backwards it’s about a Shark who throws up so many people that they have to open a beach……or a storm centre in Melbourne. Your call.

The Sharks are all over the Storm:- commentators at the start of the second half.

“The Storm open the Floodgates for the Sharks”: So insensitive re the opening of the floodgates on South Australian Dams.

Storm players refuse to swim between the flags…..get eaten by the Sharks.

Referees from now on referred to as LifeSavers.

Can we let the video ref determine Aussie Boarder Protection policy……..he seems so quick.

Some biff happened just after the start of the second half, Sharks freaked out by punches thrown, flash back to the Mick Fanning incident.

Hope that helps. That’s all I got.

Ps Peter Pilt

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  1. “Hilary Clinton declares that Sharks have no constitutional rights. Storm brewing as a result”.

    Apparently she was going to send out an e-mail about this but was worried that it would get lost.

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