The Misunderstood and Underutilized Power of Kindness

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I have been a fan of kindness for many years.

I have seen first hand its power to change lives or circumstances.

I have experienced that awesome feeling when someone is kind to me.

I know the bible says that God is Love and that Love is kind.

The bible also says….What is desired in a man is kindness.

But having said all, I am still surprised at times at the sheer power of a kind act.

Recently I sent over 100 packages containing Freddo Frogs to people who had given me their address or had been nominated by someone else on Social Media. Most of these people I didn’t know personally. I sent some chocolate, some inspiring quotes and a hand written encouragement letter. The responses that I have received back are out of proportion to the effort and the cost of the packages. Why? Because kindness communicates value to a person. Not value because what a person has done…that’s called a wage….Kindness simply states that you are a person of value.

I was amazed by the comment of a young man from Nowra City Church (as kindness and the Freddos were being discussed)…..He said that he doesn’t remember many of the sermons that I preached during my time as Senior Pastor of the church, but he remembers the time I turned up with my chainsaw and helped him clear away a fallen tree.

Sadly I also think that the reason why kindness has so much power is because its increasingly rare in the world. I remember an incident in 2015 in a fast food restaurant in Kentucky. A disabled man ordered some food and then asked the manager of the store to feed him as he was unable. The manager did. But as he did people filmed it on their iPhones, people blogged about it and it went viral. I remember the story making the evening news in Sydney at the time. The world celebrated and applauded this man…..And I remember shaking my head and asking myself: is the world so starved of kindness that when one man does what I think is basic humanity….the world is so shocked that it makes international news on the other side of the planet. Like just think about that for a minute. A man was fed by another man as an act of kindness and the world is blown away. Kind of sad really.

The organisation I head up, Global Care, is a Kindness Organisation. Global Care started National Others Week seven years ago. It’s one week a year to focus on being kind….But my hope is that in that one week, people will see the power of kind and will become regular participants in acts of kindness.

I actually think we can change the world through the Power of Kind.

After all Jesus said that the greatest evidence of a Christian’s faith, is not raising the dead or healing the sick….He simply said by this will all men know that you are my disciples if you have love for one another…..And remember Love is Kind.

I love the quote “In a world that couldn’t care less, Be someone who couldn’t care more”.

Anyway that’s what I think.

Hey if you want to know more about National Others Week (6th –13th November 2016) go over to the NOW Website

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  1. Yes, there are so many random acts of kindness that we miss every day. I love your comments and that kindness communicates value to a person not because of what they do but simply that they are a person of value. As the first week of the Shine programme is Ï am valued”, I will use that and your stories if that is OK.

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