Clinton V Trump: My Musing In What Is Ultimately An Incomplete Blog.

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Well here is an incomplete blog on Trump V Clinton. I started out with good intentions. I was going to analyse the positives and negatives of both side of US politics. But then the more I researched the more complicated it became. And so then I tried to summarize things and clearly that failed.

So here is what I got….

Let’s play a high stakes hypothetical international political game.

Let’s assume you are American. Let’s assume America has compulsory voting and finally let’s assume you are a Christian……So you are forced to vote for Trump or Clinton….what are you going to do?

Apparently you have to go back to 1884 to find two American Presidential Candidates who were as unpopular as Trump and Clinton.

Actually before we get into Trump v Hilary let me say one thing that I do admire about the political choice in America: at least they are both very different. Unlike the political choice in Australia where there seems to be 50 shades of beige.

I will also say….having watched the Presidential Debate today (10th October 2016), that the moderators need to not be from the Democratic side of Politics. Or at least get better at hiding it.

There is a part of me that resonates with the political incorrect Donald Trump as he says things that most people these days would like to say but are bullied into silence. Slightly off track, but this is why I think Pauline Hanson is popular in Australia….because she dares to say what the silent bullying minority are outraged over:- but possibly she reflects more of a proportion of Australians that what her opponents will admit.

On the positive Re Trump let’s examine a few points.

I kind of like the fact that Trump is not a career politician. I watched the Presidential Debate today and Clinton does come across as a professional smooth talking politician.

I also like the fact that Trump is pushing back on the Islamic march forward in America. This is clearly something we will not do in Australia as we cower behind the altar of Political Correctness and worship the mantra “Islam is a religion of peace”.

But I do have some significant concerns about Trump.

Upfront I cannot in any way defend his misogynistic and sexists comments that he makes toward women. He makes offensive comments about women and that is entirely inappropriate. I acknowledge that he did apologise at the start of the latest Presidential Debate for his former sexist remarks and I also acknowledge that Clinton came out immediately after that and said “Trump never apologizes for anything”. Regardless of that: his attitude toward women is not palatable in any way.

Trump also does come across as a racist. I am yet to see him value people as people.

Ultimately the issue is Character. Does Trump have the moral character to lead the American Nation? I suggest the answer here is no.

But is Clinton any better?

I guess I would start out by asking the question has Clinton left America or the world a better place as she functioned as First Lady, A Senator and as Secretary of State?

Let me continue by quoting Wayne Grudem.

“But if Trump refuses to withdraw, where does that leave us? Hillary Clinton is no better. She vilified the victims of Bill Clinton’s sexual advances; she abandoned our diplomats to be killed by terrorists in Benghazi and then lied about it; she illegally handled classified emails on her private server and put national security at risk; she left much of the world in chaos after four years as Secretary of State; and she has a lifelong pattern of acting as if she is above the law, protected by the Obama administration’s Justice Department, the FBI, and the mainstream media.”

Here is a quote from Clinton from today’s Presidential Debate that concerns me as a Christian: “ My vision for America is a country where everybody has a place and everyone contributes.” This is left wing speak for everyone but Christians:- who the left will bully and vilify by accusing them of being bullies and vilifying; whilst producing zero evidence except the fact the we are bullying and vilifying them. (See the Australian experience where everyone’s opinion is tolerated but Christians).

Also during the Debate, Clinton said: “I intend to defeat ISIS: oh and we are not at war with Islam”. See the problem with this is that it’s a great little sound bite but has as much value as a Miss Universe finalist claiming she wants to work for world peace…..everyone claps, there is no plausible strategy….actually no strategy at all, and the vacuous masses celebrate that “oh goodie we are finally going to have world peace once Miss Phoenix wins”….what’s that….Miss Hawaii won….oh well free pineapples for all tourists instead of world peace.

Ok I am being facetious. But strutting the stage declaring you are going to defeat ISIS after many years of being the Secretary of State and achieving little in this realm leaves me a little more dubious than a kid in a candy store than only sells pretend candy….Oh and lets talk about the “We are not at war with Islam.” When will Western Leaders understand that Islam is at war with them….

Don’t mention Benghazi.

I also have a problem with the way Clinton continually promotes abortion. She has become the poster girl for Roe v Wade….indeed continually quoting the precedent setting court case. She goes after Trump for his anti women comments….but no one calls Clinton to account for her anti women pro abortion comments…..Yes I am pro choice…..Let’s give the young woman in the womb a choice if she wants to live….Oh that’s right Hilary….An unborn woman has zero constitutional rights as you so proudly stated in a recent interview…..Hilary you may be surprised that the US Constitution isn’t read by God to determine when a person has life or indeed value.

There is still the question of the 33,000 emails that Clinton deleted after she was subpoenaed by the US congress….She claims they mostly related to her daughters wedding which has as much credibility as her hubby Bill saying he deeply respects White House Interns especially when they wear a blue dress.

I did note that there were a few issues missing from the debate:

  • No mention of Hurricane Matthew or the devastation that a vast area of America is currently experiencing. 
  • No issue of the whole Black Lives Matter issue.
  • No mention of the ever increasing National Debt and that fact that America is technically insolvent.
  • No mention of the Failure of Foreign Policy which has caused America to be hated around the word.
  • No mention of Humanitarian Issues
  • No mention of Syria or Immigration
  • What about the number of people drowning in the Mediterranean: – which is in the thousands. 
  • What about guns and the fact that there are more mass shootings in the US in a year than there are days in the year?

Here are some America themed blogs I have written in the past:-

Does the value of democracy enshrine that we (Americans or Australians) express our vote under the umbrella of “The Lesser of Two Evils”….I suggest that that is the situation right now in the US….and I have to say that I would vote for neither. I read a tweet that said….it almost makes you want Obama to stay.

So in conclusion.

  • I don’t want Obama to stay.
  • I don’t want a President Clinton.
  • I don’t want a President Trump.

So what now…..Well may I suggest if you are a praying person….pray for America right now and indeed the broader world……whatever happens we are going to desperately need it.

Ps Peter Pilt

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7 replies

  1. The choice is simple Peter. Clinton is racist, lacking in truth and integrity, is an internationalist (eg. one world government type) pro Palestine and haltingly pro anything Israel, wants to flood America with illegals and give them (Democrat) voting rights, pro BLM and anti police and military……..Trump may be sexist but he loves his country, the military and police who put their lives on the line. He is pro Christian and hesitant about ceding to Obama and Clintons plans of Islamisation.
    Deduct one or two of Trumps outrageous statements and you have a proud American, much more worthy of support than Clinton.

  2. I agree..Pray for America..I feel heartbroken for them…GOD HELP AMERICA..

  3. Pste. I like your style; I get a smile out of it, but sorry, you cant dislike all, you have fo make a choice, its the Aussie way!

  4. Just interested if you support the view that one must be a Christian to run for President. Why can’t a moral non Christian who respects peoples freedoms or religion. As numbers of those who profess no religion grows the religious test might be redundant. The American Christian church covers a wide range of views on theology and politics from Mainline to Evangelical to Catholic. Could a Mormon be elected? Obama was attacked as being a secret Moslem and not really a Christian. I watched a youtube video of him speaking at a funeral where at the end he sang Amazing Grace. He was born in America and was not a Moslem. Some people should stop watching Foxnews

    My wife in a conversation with some church members it was suggested to her that Obama is not really a Christian. . See above link. They then mentioned Hilary and the Whitewater investigation.

    The Mueller investigation is slowly unearthing information about the Russian involvement. Some persons have been charge. More will follow.

    Meanwhile James Comey (A Christian who wrote his thesis on Reinold Niebahr author of the serenity prayer).(Someone Obama also read and admired) is teaching at William and Mary College. John McCain has none of the venom that some have towards Obama. In a speech McCain gave some lady in the audience made disparaging remarks about Obama which McCain rejected telling her Obama was a good man with whom he just had policy disagreements with.

    The Christian Taliban scare me.

  5. Have you noticed that Trump has said nothing about the women in the metoo movement and recently did not admonish Roseanne about her racist comments.Why has he not spoken out against Weinstein, now charged with rape. Its not ok for right wing marches to shout “The Jews will not replace us” The folks in the Starbucks, the black Yale student sleeping in the common room and the people leaving the accommodation all reported to the police. Imagine how they must feel. Evangelicals seem to be having issues of moral standards of their leaders, one a President of a major Seminary.

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