President Trump:- ‘Turnbull Was The Worst International Leader Phone Call’. What Should We Think?


So the phone call between President Trump and PM Turnbull was apparently the “worst of all the world leaders” that Trump called. The one hour scheduled call went for 25 minutes. Trump then Tweeted his thoughts out about that call. Trump tweeted out that the US/Australia agreement re resettlement of Asylum Seekers was a ‘dumb deal’.

Not sure what I think…..Ok I know what I think….just not sure I want to Blog it. What do you think?. Do we celebrate the fact that our PM was strong? Or do we lament the lack of diplomacy with communication with the leader of the free world? Or do we agree with my original comment weeks ago that international diplomacy shouldn’t be conducted via twitter? Click here to read my Open Letter to President Trump.

What’s your thoughts?



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  1. Trump was stood up to. Likely by a ‘nobody’ in his estimation.

  2. Here’s the real question? Was it actually PM Turnbull on the phone or was someone else talking while another person pulled a string and made his mouth move?

  3. Dear Peter

    I think Donald is like a new broom, and maybe the deal Obama made with Turnbull was dumb, but I do think the appropriate platform is to communicate with some degree of privacy, at least for the first negotiations. Using Twitter is for, I think, TWITS.

    There is a dangerous trend in modern society to follow “The Man”. This, I believe, includes Christians who hear a prophesy by a Kim Clement in April 2007 saying Trump will be God’s Trumpet and now the sun shines out of the man. I want to believe Mr Trump will bring good leadership, but one thing then he must do –> cancel his Twitter account. Right now, he sounds off with little to set him off, and that makes me feel uncomfortable.

    Especially if one of his followers is a little guy in North Korea …

    yours truly


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