What do I think of Tattoos?



I posted the above image on Facebook recently with the word….’discuss’. Debate raged. Some very pro, telling personal stories of their tattoos and the experiences or people that inspired the ink. Others very anti, often quoting Old Testament scriptures and yet others judging those they deemed to be judging the pro tattoo people. (I always smile at the hypocrisy of the judgey people judging others as being judgemental). I even managed to get unfriended by some who were ‘walking away from people like me who incite drama’. Oh Princess, inciting drama is my gift. Lol.

Some people asked what I think of tattoos.

So here it is.

I don’t care one way or the other. I don’t think the Old Testament scripture is relevant to modern day tats. I eat prawns, which the Old Testament prohibits. I also don’t stone women caught in adultery.

Someone mentioned that the origin of tattoos was a blood letting ceremony done in the worship of pagan gods…..I don’t see this as anymore relevant as the origin of the Easter weekend is the pagan festival Eostre.

So what do I actually think:

Well I shouted my wife a tattoo for our 15th wedding anniversary.

However I tell my girls that tattoos are for people who think short term….this is my personal view….What I would have tattooed on my arm when I was 18 is very different to what I would inked at 30 or 40. I have also spoken to a fair number of people who regret their tats.

Again just my personal view…..I don’t like the appearance of people with a lot of ink. They don’t scare me. I know Jesus loves them…it’s just my personal opinion.

I have a tattoo. I have had it for nearly 11 years. It’s a temporary one. I put an Australian flag on my left hand every morning. People ask why don’t I get it inked. Two reasons. One I think the daily effort is more of a statement of my patriotism than getting ink once. Secondly I can change my mind at any time.

Anyway, that’s what I think,

Peter Pilt

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5 replies

  1. I can’t really remember seeing a tattoo where I’ve thought “that’s nice”, just the opposite. To me it seems to be defacing oneself. But does t matter what I think?

  2. God said in the bible not to mark your body.

  3. Well said Pete, but I have to say I love my Tatts 🙂

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