One Of My Most Creative Preaches: The Heckler


About 5 years ago I preached at the INC Pastor and Leaders Conference. The aim of the preach was to talk about the work of Global Care and explore the role of Social Justice in our Christian Worldview.

So I tried something that was incredibly creative and that I had never seen done before. It took me about 100 hours of prep, recording and then practicing to get all the timing perfectly right.

I think it came off pretty well, and last night I was looking through some old vids and came across of a copy of the message, so I thought I would upload it and share it around.

Have a watch. Hopefully it will inspire you.

Click here to watch it

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  1. Fantastic Peter, very worth the presentation and the listen. Thank you for forwarding. I’m also going to forward it on. Blessings, Anna.

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