Where Are All The Police? Cafe Border Force.

Over the Christmas/New Year break, I had two and a half weeks off. During that time, I drove extensively around the Sunshine Coast, spent a week in Brisbane, where I drove in and out of the Brisbane CBD multiple times, drove to the Gold Coast multiple times and drove in various areas of the Gold Coast hinterland. One of the routes I took in the hinterland was up over Beechmont and down into Canungra, a great route for motorbikes and at the same time notorious for Highway Patrol.

During all this driving which included, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s day, guess how many police cars I saw? (This includes police cars of any form, not just Highway Patrol). I saw one 4WD police car parked beside the road. I didn’t see one RBT.

Made me think. Where are all the Police? Then I realised that it must be taking a significant amount of police personnel to screen the germy people crossing the border from down south. But I was still puzzled as that didn’t seem to answer the question fully.

But over the last week I think I have come across the answer.

Today it took 5 armed and highly trained police officers to arrest a middle lady for the despicable crime of not showing her vaccine passport. This pic only shows four officers, but the news footage clearly showed 5.

In another incident, it took three officers to attend a cafe where the heinous crime of not asking people for their vaccine certificate was being committed. It was a green tick blood bath. See Pic.

I just wonder how much of the Queensland Police force are being used to enforce mandates that are not law and therefore no crime is being committed. I wonder just how much true crime has increased in the state as Police become Passport Police or as I like to call them Cafe Border Force.

With some many police patrolling donut venues, it makes me want to take the princess out for a bit of spin. (I am in no way condoning speeding).

Anyway, That’s what I think.


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5 replies

  1. If the borders weren’t shut you could have easily drove around Australia on your time off.

  2. I’m seeing a lot of trespass to the person, battery, and false arrest

  3. “Be kind to the police, they are just doing their job” I hear people say.
    They know (or SHOULD know) this is wrong, they are acting like Nazis and they also have the choice to say no!

  4. Good article Pete.
    I’m always reminded when I see police behaviour like this of the movie “A Few Good Men” where it portrayed a couple of army personnel blindly following orders without questioning whether it was right or not.
    Anyone of integrity would refuse to be part of an arrest of this nature, especially given that the drugs alias ‘vaccines’ don’t work on the variants. Everyone, both injected or non injected are getting sick with Omnicron, so the question should be asked by every police officer, “why are we targeting the unvaccinated?” It’s still not illegal to think.

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