5 Meditations on the sad death of Whitney Houston


Sad news this weekend that Singer/Actress Whitney Houston died. Here are some of my thoughts on her passing. I understand the exact cause of death has not been released but the media are reporting that it was a combination of the drugs and alcohol she took.

1) How sad for her family that her death was from something that was totally preventable. She didn’t die from cancer, a road accident, nor was she murdered. Her children now have no mum.

2) In Australia, we have a culture of binge drinking and party drugs. Alcohol destroys lives. I have not seen anything good come from drunkedness. Nor have I ever seen anything good come from drugs. Houston is a tragic illustration of that very fact.

3) Maybe man was not made to be worshipped. The cult of celebrity raises up people to god like status and the fans become obsessed worshippers paying homage in counterfeit church type experiences where the paparazzi are the preachers, the concerts are the worship services and you pay your tithes on itunes.

4)  On the flip side to point three – maybe man was made to worship and a post modern’s rejection of God, means that they no longer have God to worship and so to fulfill the hunger of a man’s spirit to worship, they lift up the talented and the beautiful as gods and worship them.

5) I hope that Houston’s faith that she had as she grew up in church, was still with her up to her passing. The American Media has played interviews from other celebrities saying things like – “well she is at peace now”. I find myself talking to the TV – Is she really in peace right now? Did she know Jesus as her Lord and Savior? I certainly hope so. Jesus Christ makes a difference on where you spend eternity.


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