My thoughts on the Gillard/Rudd Leadership issue


Kevin Rudd in announcing his resignation from Washington yesterday, has thrown his hat into the Leadership ring, ending months of speculation that he was working behind the scenes to get the Prime Ministerialship back. Whether he stands for the leadership ballot that Gillard is expected to call on Monday is still undetermined, but what is not up for speculation any longer is – Rudd wants to be the leader of the Australian Labor Party and therefore Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Australia.

So here are my observations and thoughts on the matter.

1) As a Christian, I need to be praying for both Prime Minister Gillard and Kevin Rudd. Whoever ultimately is our Prime Minister will need the prayers of Christians across the nation. It’s biblically mandated and has nothing to do with whether we agree with their policies or their political ideology.

In 1 Tim 2:1-3 in the message paraphrase version says:-

The first thing I want you to do is pray. Pray every way you know how, for everyone you know. Pray especially for rulers and their governments to rule well so we can be quietly about our business of living simply, in humble contemplation. This is the way our Saviour God wants us to live.

2) It is hard to spot the difference between Rudd and Gillard in terms actual policies. So if it was left up to the Australian public to decided who was going to be their Prime Minister (which I think that style of Government is called a Democracy), it would be hard to see the difference either will make in contrast to the other. So then the decision must be made based on popularity – which I am pretty sure is not the best way to pick a nation’s leader.

3) The viciousness of both camps hitting out at the other camp, leaves me wondering how when this is over, the Australian Population can be confident of a unified Government that is working for the good of our nation. My observation is that the Government seems to be full of hateful dysfunctional working relationships. Now this blog is not an anti labor blog. I think there are some unhealthy tense relationships within the Liberal Party too, but right now, the ALP is in office and I can’t see the way forward for the ALP when there is such vicious infighting. Do they expect that if there is a leadership spill on Monday, that when the Australian people get up on Tuesday, they are going to believe that the ALP is now a unified party moving our nation forward.

4) My observation is right now Federal Politics is a mess. There is a strange relationship that the ALP has with the Greens – I have heard Bob Brown refer to the Government as the Gillard/Brown Government. There is a strange relationship between the Independents and the Government which to me seems to be characterised by manipulation and threats of walking away from the relationship – See Andrew Wilkie for instance. I personally would like to see an election right now to clear the whole thing up.

In conclusion – My best advice is See Point 1.

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  1. Agree with all you said. Its a mess. An elction should be called. Labor is in tatters and needs a time in oposition to sorts itself out. It cannot do it whilst in government and with the current division. GG should persuade Gillard to call an election but that is unlikely as she knows she would loose. I am not persuaded that any of the Labor factions have the country at heart. There sole objective is social engineering.

  2. Well said Pete –
    re point 1 the best I can do re praying for this lot is “Holy Spirit please do your task and convict them of sin, righteousness and judgement for their sakes and the sake of the country. I figure if they get saved that’ll take care of the lies and masks. I agree with Tim I think their social engineering and socialist goals come first and the likes of you and me don’t matter. I think our “so we can be quietly about our business of living simply, in humble contemplation.” is the very thing the ALP seeks to ensure won’t happen.
    I think if the GG possessed any real integrity and respect for the job at this point she would dissolve the parliament and force an election, as is clearly the will of the people by a vast percentage. Whilst her son in law is a Labor minister that’s unlikely to happen. That would lead me to a last point re Democracy – we do not live in a democracy in this country, our form of government is a constitutional monarchy with a pseudo democratic process in which we are forced under threat of penalty to vote. Unless I read it all wrong the two party system within this country is in fact unconstitutional. After living in the US for five years many people asked me ‘so what was the main difference living there and living here’, easiest question I ever answer. It’s the difference between being a citizen and a subject. Don’t get me wrong I love this country like you do and that’s probably why I get angry when I see it being trashed by this current illegitimate government. But make no mistake we’re just subjects forced to vote on who’s going to dictate conditions to us for the next term. I’ll leave it there – keep swinging you’re one of my champions.

  3. Hmmmm, sorry, but I truly believe this Government is beyond prayer and I know nothing is beyond God, but surely even He is sitting up there shaking His head. If all our steps are ordered by the Lord, he must of been having a bit of fun when he designed Juliar’s and Krudd’s life. It is a bit like Wizard of Oz … God, please give Juliar a heart and Krudd a brain … let’s at least start there. I am naughty I know, just so fed up with this terrible mess, it is time for GG to step up and hand it over to the people to decide. What I do pray for is that the Australian people will have the good sense to oust Laborious Labor into oblivion for sometime.

  4. I think your ‘letter to Julia ‘ is wonderful but it has errors in it which you need to correct before we send it out to all our friends. Hope you don’t mind my condour!


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