An Open Letter to Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.

Dear Mr Rudd

Congratulations on becoming Prime Minister. Again. As someone who is passionate about the Nation of Australia, I am writing to you as a citizen who would like to input into the future direction of your Government – however long that may be, in reference to the looming election.

1) I would hope that once and for all, the distracting infighting within the ALP will now cease and you and your party will get on with the reason you are actually there – to be the Government of the day for Australia. The opinion polls are showing a routing at the polls for the ALP come election day, but the nation will not be well served with a massive majority Coalition Government kept unaccountable by a seriously decimated Labor Party. For good governance in a democracy requires effective opposition.

2) I would like for you to explain to the Australian people, how, after a protracted three year civil war within the ALP, where there have been many casualties and some of the best talent the ALP has to offer, have now either resigned, been sacked or at the very least neutralized, are you going to put forward a Cabinet of competent experienced Ministers who can govern this nation effectively?

3) The media talk about whether you can stop the boats and critics of that statement see people who make it as intolerant or racist. I don’t want you to stop the boats per se, I want you to stop the drownings. With over 1000 people drowning in the last 2 years, this is simply an unacceptable humanitarian crisis in our Northern waters. Related to this issue, we must treat those people who do make it into our waters more humanly and I would encourage you to visit Manus Island detention centre and see what kind of a statement that makes about Australia’s heart. We do need a generous and orderly immigration policy that provides solutions and resettlement for people who come from some of the major conflict areas of the world, or those experiencing persecution or natural disasters. To date, the current government has made a mess of this and people are suffering as a result.

4) I would like an explanation as to some of the apparent stuff ups of the Government. Address some of the concerns that have been around for a while about the wastage related to the Building Education Revolution and the Pink Bats Scheme. I would also like you to explain the reasons behind the failure of the Mining Tax and why these issues weren’t forecast and addressed.

5) You have already flagged the Carbon tax for destruction. Can you explain the failure of the Carbon Tax to address with any significance the apparent climate change that the world is experiencing – which I believe you described as “the greatest moral, social and economic dilemma of our time”. Also please explain why going to an Emissions Trading Scheme will be better for the environment than a Carbon Tax.

5) For me, I would like to see Australia have a Prime Minister of exemplary character. I think the Australian people deserve an explanation of your conduct since being ousted 3 years ago by your deputy Julia Gillard. From my perspective, you have spent three years underhandedly plotting revenge, and you have been rewarded because of your outstanding success at being Gillard’s Judas. Your consistent denials have only cemented my concerns about the integrity of your character. Additionally, your own colleagues over the last 3 years have certainly provided plenty of fuel to my concerns about your character and your fitness to lead the nation.

6) As you head into the election, I think you should layout very clearly the economic management plan you have for the nation’s economy. With the 12th largest economy in the world, Australia needs a sound economic strategic plan that helps us negotiate the softening of the mining boom. I would also like to see the plan you have for paying down the nation’s debt. A side note to the economy, electricity prices are hurting many low income Australians and the continual increases need to be addressed. It’s a sad day in the Standard of Living stakes, when Australians are living in cold houses because they can’t afford to heat a room.

7) When engaging with the Opposition, engage on firm policy debate instead of hype and rhetoric. Making a comment about a Diplomatic War being sparked with Indonesia, if Tony Abbott gets into office is unhelpful and contributes nothing to the Asylum Seeker debate. We need politics on both sides to stop trafficking in fear. Instead, bring a robust dialogue and debate into the Parliament. Stop the childish name-calling and antics and engage around policy. I dream of a day when the Federal Parliament of Australia is a meeting of the great minds of the Nation as they wrestle through the issues of the day from the various political spectrums they represent.

I look forward to your reply

Peter Pilt


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16 replies

  1. I like your concern, re boat people, but what about us aussie women who flee bad marriages and end up in refuge with criminals in very poor housing…..

    and poor treatment. this too is a huge disgrace to us aussies who have been here for over 200 yrs and made this nation what it is….very rich nation….

  2. Well, i thik you prettymuch said it all Peter! thank you!
    I await with baited breath to hear the response. If you get one!

  3. Peter I note you didn’t mention the change of heart on same sex marriage, I would think this would be an issue that would influence Christian votes

  4. And don’t forget that Rudd, after years of supporting the ideal of marriage remaining between a man and a woman, has now flipped his vote on the issue and has stated he very much supports the notion of homosexual marriage. That one factor alone means he will never get my vote.

  5. Well said on the letter , K Rudd has sent a clear message about integrity or the lack of it and the rewards this brings. He gave Julia Gillard no credit for NDIS,Gonski reforms, NBN these are very solid reforms. He hasn’t changed his mind on gay marriage his new position will just give him more votes.

  6. How could the 12th largest economy in the world, having only twenty million residents be in debt? The statement is a conundrum.

  7. Mostly well written however, whilst the boat people issue is very sad, we need to take care of our own ‘refugees’ Austrlian men, woman and children who have had to flee violent family situations, most of whom don’t have place to go, because there are a lack of shelters for them to stay. At least the overseas ‘refugees’ have a roof over their heads and food to eat, granted it may be cramped, but at least they are warm and have food in their bellies. If they a true refugees, they would be gratful for this. Most of the our men woman and children have not shelter or food. Just go for a drive and have a look around the parks and bridges, might just open your eyes to what our government have to fix before helping others outside our country.

  8. Some good points, however a couple of points of my own. Firstly, in a country as relatively prosperous as ours, I find it incredible still that people still find it a case of either helping our own people who are struggling versus helping refugees and overseas aid. Why on earth can’t we do both. Secondly, you criticise Rudd for not engaging in meaningful debate. I’m sorry, but Tony Abbott is the epitome of slogans and rhetoric eg “we’ll turn back the boats”, and “we’ll get rid of the carbon tax”. All slogan and very little substance. Thirdly, you enter the murky waters of same sex marriage and Rudd’s recent change of opinion. That’s his decision to make, and really has little to do with whether he is a Christian leader or not. There are many Christians more interested in showing grace and love than condemnation and division. I look forward to your letter to Tony Abbott, as that is only fair in a true debate. Please ask him what his policies are, or his heart message for the country, because we are waiting on hearing this as well

    • Martin

      I didnt mention same sex marriage at all, so I am not sure what you are referring to. I deliberately stayed away from that issue.

      And there will certainly be letters to Abbott


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