An Open letter to Prime Minister Julia Gillard.


Dear Julia

Congratulations on your win today. 71 to 31 is fairly convincing. Now you just have to convince the Australian public to have that level of faith in you.

I feel the need to express a few things to you as you continue as our Prime Minister. In the next 18 months in the lead up to the next election, this is what I think, the Australian People need from you:-

  • We want honesty. And we don’t want stupid political stunts where you come out and say that you are going to show us the real Julia. Just be honest. Australians are the kind of people that don’t want to “beat around the bush”. Tell it like it is and look us in the eye as you do.
  • Treat and speak to the Australian people like we have a brain. When you are selling your policies, don’t use rhetoric, fear campaigns or celebrities using slick one liners to back your policy. What we want is the truth and the thinking behind a policy and why the need for its introduction into our nation. Communicate to us and don’t rely on the 15 second sound bite that appears on the 6:00pm news.
  • We want compassionate policies. We need to come up with a workable solution to the refugee situation that is not only acceptable to Australia, but is the right thing to do in humanitarian terms for the Asylum seekers.
  • Stop making mistakes. It seems that a significant amount of your government’s policy initiatives have been peppered with mistakes. The Building Education Revolution, The Pink Batts and the Malaysian Solution just to name three. We don’t want a PM that is getting on the job training. Either you are up for the job or you are not.
  • We are over the politics of Australia being hijacked by the Greens and their anti anything-Christian stance. We are also over having issues like gay marriage continually being in the media spot light. This letter is not about gay marriage, but you know Julia, there are bigger issues in the world right now than gay marriage and it seems that a disproportionate amount of your time and the parliament’s time is spent on this topic. What about the issues of homelessness, the binge drinking culture, global poverty, the ongoing issues within the Aboriginal community, the fact that one in 4 young Australian girls and one in seven Australian boys are sexually abused by the age of 15:- what if each one of these issues got the same airplay that gay marriage has had over the last 3 years. There is simply bigger and more important issues that need your attention as our Prime Minister.
  • We need you to understand that regardless of your belief system, there are alot of Christians in Australia and they are becoming increasingly concerned at the hostile environment toward Churches and Christian schools, example:- changes to Anti-Discrimination laws forcing Christian schools to employ non Christians: changes to OHS laws that make all volunteers have the same legal expectation as workers and therefore opening up not only churches and schools but all volunteer organisations, to law suits.
  • We need you to understand that Australian families are hurting economically right now. There is a two speed economy and the majority of Australians find themselves in the slower speed. Your push for the carbon tax and the already increasing prices of electricity are hurting us. You really do come across as not caring which for a Labor leader who is meant to champion the working class, it seems you have lost touch with your grass roots support base. You must understand that there is a limit that Australians can be taxed and there is a limit to Australians being able to absorb price increases before it significantly impacts standards of living.

The polls indicate that you are the most unpopular Prime Minister in the Nation’s history. Whatever you are doing is not working and so demands a rethink of your leadership strategy. Maybe your political marriage to Bob Brown requires a divorce and instead marry yourself to the Australian Public and start to govern in their interests instead of the interest of the Greens.

You can be assured of my prayers.

Peter Pilt

Proud Australian Voter

Potential Future President of the Nation

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48 replies

  1. Well said Peter. I don’t know how she can think that she has done the right thing by the Australian Public. There is always an unimportant issue seemingly being used as a smokescreen to the real issues. Go Peter – tell it how ts is…

  2. Peter, I think this letter is great!! I agree with Brian Bolton – all of us sending this letter signed by ourselves, might actually ‘get through’ to Julia. There are just too many things she puts forward as important, when the things that are truly important to Australians are left on the backburner!! Glad to see someone telling it like it is!!

  3. Also, realise that the unproven, unfalsifiable, unscientific conjecture of catastrophic anthropogenic global warming is an expensive, economy-destroying hoax.

  4. A point about innovation and creative thinking would also be appropriate, but all in all, a great letter, as I would expect. Oh, and also could we please have a decent internet system … seriously begging now, not even 4G works

  5. A great letter, Peter – I do hope that somehow this actually gets read by Julia and is not just sent around the internet by those who agree with the sentiments.

  6. Reminding her that she’s the most unpopular leader ever and the. Adding you’re praying for her seems… Odd

  7. Politics being hijacked be the Greens? You know they are part of a minority government right?

    What confuses me is Christians who seem to be against anything that could protect God’s creation at the expense of human comfort. How dare people be forced to pay for the damage they cause to the environment!

    Anti discrimination laws only require Christian businesses and organisations to hire the person most qualified for an advertised position. If the position is non-spiritual and doesn’t require Christian beliefs to perform, I can’t see the issue here. I’m sure you’d be up in arms screaming persecution if a non-religious company refused to hire Christians.

    WHS laws that make companies and organisations legally responsible for the safety of volunteers as well as paid workers? Zounds! You mean we can’t just give all the dangerous jobs to the volunteers and laugh when they hurt themselves anymore? We’ll be ruined!

    That said, I’m with you on the asylum seeker issue and treating the Australian public as though they have a modicum of intelligence. Not making any more mistakes though? That might be tricky.

  8. Great letter Peter! Have you sent it to Julia? If so, please let us know if you get a reply. I’m tempted to ask if I might use it as a template to send my own message to Julia.



  9. Bob Brown and PM Gillard like most aussies is an Athiest. The reason Christian values and churches are being targeted is quite simple….they are no longer relavant and shouldn’t have any bearing on law and policy.
    Why is gay marraige a problem? I’m not gay but I want to know why anglo religous groups banter on about it like it’s the reason for the rapture. If Tom and Dave want to get married then how is it your concern? I mean, if they aren’t spending their honeymoon in your bed, wiping their cock on your bedspread, what’s the problem?

    I agree with most of what you say but why does everything have to have a religous slant to it? Why does everything always fall back on to religous beliefs?

    • Its has a religious slant to it because I am a Pastor

      Interesting that you defend people’s right to be gay at the same time as mocking my faith as irrelevant. Dont i have just as much right to believe what I believe. And if the gay agenda can promote their beliefs in the media and public areana – why cant I be afforded the same courtesy.

      • Peter, you said:
        “And if the gay agenda can promote their beliefs in the media and public areana – why cant I be afforded the same courtesy.”

        You have Peter, for the past several thousand years your views (ie those of the churches) have been overly represented. Now it’s time to even up the balance.

      • Just a small point – maybe
        In mho Everything has a religious slant because everything has religious slant not because you are a Pastor.
        Just a small point

  10. Interesting perspective in which the writer seeks to be genuine – after all the Scripture remind us that rulers only do so because God allows it. However, you have swallowed some of the opposition misinformation (just as bad in God’s eyes I would have thought) in critiquing the Prime Minister. The BER was a wonderful innovation, saving many jobs in the Building industry and avoided a world-wide recession. Jobs should be a Christian priority – the 3% waste is not the horror presented. Schools in all systems, including Christian schools have benefitted hugely.

    The whole idea of Australians hurting is another concern as it assumes that somehow ‘prosperity’ is the main purpose of the Government. I would have thought that justice, equality, compassion and righteousness should be stronger Christian priorities. We still enjoy a lifestyle envied around the world and we should be thankful to God for the freedoms and overwhelming wealth we possess.

    As for the critique of the Carbon Tax, the policy adopted is very similar to the one supported by the Liberals prior to the removal of Malcolm Turnbull. Looking after God’s world should also be a perogative of Christians in my view. It is sad that the climate sceptic view seems to be accepted when clearly huge corporations are harming God’s beautiful creation in the name of profit.

    You make some good points and we need to pray for our leaders but surely a Christian must try to be more bipartisan.

  11. I’m mostly happy with your letter here, and am encouraged by a well thought through response from a Christian. However, there is one thing I find particularly frustrating – your consistent use of corporate pronouns here (namely: ‘we’). Who are you speaking on behalf of here? In reality, I suspect it’s just yourself, but the rhetorical device of speaking on behalf of an unnamed group (dare I suggest ‘faceless men and women’) in order to add weight to your argument is just transparent and so weakens your point. If your argument is fair and reasonable (and I think most of them are) they will stand on their merit without the need for this kind of language.

    Using personal language will also allow other readers to disagree with you honesty, but again on the merit of the argument. I, for one, think that marriage equality (which is the real issue, not ‘gay marriage’ as you refer to it) should, in fact, be on the table until it is resolved. I disagree with you on this point, but I also respect your right to disagree with me. Just don’t pretend to speak on behalf of others if, in fact, you don’t. If you do, then make that clear.

    Apart from that, thanks for your letter. I hope you receive a response.


    • In addition…..
      Please correct “beaten” to “beat”, “us” to “it” (first bullet point), “you” to “your” (second bullet point), “boy” to “boys” (fifth bullet point), “is” to “are” (fifth), “increasing” to “increasingly” (sixth) etc.
      Proof reading is always worth the extra time, especially if it is going to be read by the Prime Minister.

    • Adam

      I did say at the start of the letter this is what I think Australians want. So it is my opinion of what I think the population wants from the PM, so thats why I wrote it that way. I do understand that I dont speak for the entire population.

      Thanks for taking time to comment.

  12. Not forgetting the most unpopular opposition leader ever… John Howard. 9%. Only getting on board with massacres of civilions (which Labor was totally ok with too) saved his behind. Yay! god bless democracy! But hang on…Howard urged us all to not care about our poor and suffering neighbours and to centre on economy as the centre of our lives and that’s god’s will… Phew!!

  13. Well done and well said

  14. This is the way I feel. Thank you for spending the time to write the letter. I hope it makes to the PM.

  15. This is great Peter… I wholeheartedly agree with all that you have written and applaud you for the stand you are making. I sincerely hope Ms Gillard takes the letter seriously. I would recommend you have the letter proof-read and re posted as there are numerous spelling and grammatical errors – basic mistakes can be really distracting!

  16. This would be more convincing without all the Christian stuff. That only flies in America.

    • I am a Pastor and I did say in the letter, this is what I think. So no surprise it has Christian stuff in it.

    • Michael… that is a very unusual statement. You mean to say that the substance and intent of the article is good, but mention Christ and you won’t be convinced? Thats like saying Mother Teresa would have been a really great person if she wasn’t a Christian!

  17. Think you’d make the best president ever Peter.
    Concerning Asylum seekers I’d take the hard line with them & keep them in their own country’s only letting these in that are truly in danger, providing they’d be no threat to us, & my policy on that would be a lot harder than the gov that’s in place now. The thing that would help these other nations is if the UN didn’t merely sit back spectating doing & saying nothing to bring change but being peace lovers for themselves.

  18. Just so people on here do know as well the greens arent a minority party tgey are actually apart of the nationalist as well as australian first party please keep that in mind p.s good work pete.

  19. It’s about time some one had the integrity to say the truth about the way she is running the country and smart enough to put in a way that states the real issues with out just saying she’s a f$&k head and don’t know how to run shit like I hear alot of people say all the time .

  20. It seems a lot like you are not a fan of this government and I’m sure your sincere and inclusive tone will generate a fair amount of support for this piece.

    I think you’ve raised a few points here with reasoning that doesn’t accurately reflect the issue. There is another huge force in play here known as the media which decides on the majority of information conveyed (be it fact or complete nonsense) to the public. With such biased outlets which contain vested interests from major shareholders how couldn’t the average Aussie hate Julia Gillard right now?

    In response to some of your second point, ‘Celebrity One Liners’ I’m guessing is referring to the Get Up campaign, which has absolutely nothing to do with Julia Gillard. And the sad fact is not all Australians are clever enough to explore issues deeply and respond cautiously to the political spin politics and the media throw out. Deceptive fear campaigns don’t thrive in our society for no reason, It’s because people swallow it up.

    On points 3 and 4, the Asylum seeker issue is a nightmare for any government, and frankly it shouldn’t be the governments issue. But… it is and to be less critical; Julia tried a solution that would ensure 4 times as many refugees are admitted to Australia, but to defer illegal boat trafficking it would not accept those by boat immediately. It’s a hugely complex issue but to many Aussies it’s a matter of “stopping the boats” which democratically suggests we shouldn’t help out the refugees. So it’s a catch 22 not in Gillard’s making.

    On points 5 and 6, “Hijacked” is probably a too stronger word to describe the Green party’s political presence. I can tell you, this “Julia’s Bitch” depiction of Bob Brown is ludicrous. The Greens party believes in a secular government which really is how it should be. I’m not going to get into a theological debate, but there should be no religious influences in governance be it Christian, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism ect. It really does lead to discrimination, can lead to conflict and moral standards exist as much outside of the church as within.

    The Greens also bear some of the most progressive policies on Indigenous matters, human rights and equality. As much as gay marriage means little to me, to many homosexuals it holds a serious stake in their mental health. It is a big issue to allot of people and that’s why it’s an ‘inconveniently for the church’ hot media issue. You’re right, there are more important things to worry about so lets get on with it. Frankly if they were to get married in a non-religious ceremony how could that hurt anyone?

    On the final point regarding taxes and cost of living, Well the carbon tax primarily effects only the 200 most carbon polluting companies in Australia. This may have flow on effects but the intention is not to tax everyday Aussies which is a common deception, but more to combat environment degradation. Wouldn’t you agree with what someone above said in that God would also be in favour of protecting the world he created for us? Similarly for the mining and resource tax designed to spread the wealth of rich mining companies, or more importantly our land!!, among all Australians.

    In summary, I think “we” should be less critical of Julia Gillard, less hateful of the Greens, less reliant on ancient religious customs, more open to actual policy debates, more respectful to the environment of which our economy ultimately relies on, and when the time comes, to vote with our heads and not with fear campaign bandwagons.

    All things said It’s a great peace Peter, and full of good intention. Thankyou for accepting my take on the issues.

  21. Great letter Pete, But to become president of Australia we have to become a republic. So now I ask were is your patriotism to that flag you put on your right hand every morning

  22. Dear peter. You are right about there are other important issues in Australia other than homo stuff.But you are pretty negative to the Prime Minister. Being achristian really all you need to do is pray for her and Australia . Prayer is powerfull, speaking negative is not. All Julia needs to do is surrender to Jesus!

  23. I agree with Jenny. The office of Prime Minister needs to be respected as Godly authority and you should be calling your flock to pray for her government to come under the influence of the Holy Spirit in all policies. God is love, not negativity. I agree there are more pressing matters that involve statistically larger groups of the population than the small minority of homosexuals that wish to have marriage rights. The civil union involving the rights to shared property etc is a human rights issue distinct and separate from the institution of marriage originating from God the creator of all life. We don’t have ‘Presidents’ in Australia. This nation is greatly blessed of God in ways you’ll only understand by travelling widely, so be grateful for what ‘they’ in Canberra do get right all you folks and please quit your bitching!!! Correct me if I’m wrong but the last time I heard our dear Prime Minister comment on her beliefs she said she was agnostic not aetheist. An agnostic has not decided either way yet…There is a slightly condescending tone to your letter as if you also don’t regard her as truly Australian and therefore need to explain the average Aussie to her. Consider the statistics of non-Christians looking for a loving God and finding representatives who are judgemental critics instead who think they know best how to run a country.

  24. Great letter Peter !1
    Wouldn’t it be great if this country had a leader that is a full on man or women of God!! We should pray for such a person to arise!!!

  25. Hi Peter, history has been majorly influenced by men named Peter. Politics and Religion are both about lifestyle and always will be. I like your bold approach mate!


  27. Martin Luther once said “Better to be ruled by a wise infidel than a Christian fool” Some leaders claim to be Christian and yet tell lies (weapons of mass destruction Bush and Blair)


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