Suggested Marketing Tag Lines for Political Parties


Today I heard an ad for a political party and the tag line was “Friends don’t let Friends vote Liberal”. This is a rip off of the Friends don’t let Friends drive drunk, anti drink driving advertising campaign. But it got me thinking of some other famous tag lines that Political Parties could use in the lead up to the Federal Election. Here are a few – I am not being biased one way or the other here:-

Coalition Get More Pay Less (from Target: Get More Pay Less)

The Greens: The Fresh Food People (Woolworths: The Fresh Food People)

Not Happy Kevin (Telstra: Not Happy Jan)

Kevin: Takes a licking and keeps on ticking (Timex: Takes a licking keeps on ticking)

The Greens: Betcha can’t eat just one. (Lay’s Patoto Chips: Betcha can’t eat just one)

Clive Palmer:Kills Bugs dead. (RAID: Kills bugs dead)

The Greens: Nothings sucks like the Greens (Electrolux: Nothing sucks like Electrolux)

The Greens: This is your brain. This is your Brain on drugs. (Anti drug commercial in USA)

Democracy: Puts you in the driver’s seat (Hertz: Puts you in the drivers seat)

Rudd: Built for the road ahead (Ford: Built for the road ahead)

Abbott: The other white meat. (Pork: The other white meat)

Howard: Where the bloody hell are you? (Australian Tourism: Where the bloody hell are you (sorry for the swearing))

Clive Palmer: Think Differently (Apple: Think Differently)

Coalition: It’s Time (Labor Party ad from a decade ago)

Peter Garrett: Oils ain’t Oils (Castrol: Oils ain’t Oils)

Democracy: You’re soaking in it (Dishing washing liquid ad from the 80’s)

Craig Thompson: What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas (Vegas:Tourism tag line)

Pauline Hanson: Slip Slop Slap and Wrap (Sunsmart: Slip Slip Slap and Wrap)

The Greens: Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water (Jaws)

The Greens: Be afraid. Be very afraid (The Fly Movie)

Rudd: I’ll be back (Terminator)

Bill Shorten: He’s alive (Frankenstein)

Julia: Its the real thing (Coke:Its the real thing)

Rudd: Its everywhere you want to be (Visa:Its everywhere you want to be)

ALP: Bugger (Toyota: Bugger)What are your suggestions?

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3 replies

  1. Oh my gosh. Not happy Jan is one of the most memorable Aussie ads ever made and you got the company wrong! It wasn’t Telstra. It was Yellow Pages! The boss wasn’t happy because Jan didn’t send in their business ad before the cut off and they ended up not having their business listed in the Yellow Pages. Tsk tsk Peter.

  2. Love the John Howard one…

    Come back Mr Howard!

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