My Prayer Opening Shoalhaven City Council’s Monthly Meeting.

I love the fact that Shoalhaven City Council open their Council meetings in prayer. Today as I prayed at the meeting, for 1 minute and 40 seconds, Councillor Jim McGrudden, called out asking if this was a speech. Now I am not one to pray weak insipid prayers, if I am going to pray and petition heaven, I am going to pray for God to move on things that are on my heart. I framed up this prayer by saying,  as we are 4 days away from a Federal election, tonights let’s together pray for our nation.

Ironically, in my prayer I prayed for honour to be returned to our civic leaders, a curtesy Councillor McGrudden refused to extend toward me.

Here is the transcript of my prayer.

Father God

As community and civil leaders tonight, together we hold up our nation to you.

We pray that whatever side of politics forms government after Saturday, we ask you to guide and bless them.

We ask that Australia gets a government that will find the right balance between border protection and our humanitarian responsibility to refugees. That we would show mercy and compassion at the same time as strength and fairness.

We ask that Australia gets a government  that provides the right environment for indigenous Australian’s to flourish in their true identity as long term carries of the Australian spirit.

We ask that Australia gets a government that plans for the long term financial prosperity of its people.

We ask that Australia gets a government that will tackle some of the damaging characteristics of our culture – Binge drinking, Problem Gambling, Bullying and domestic violence.

We ask that Australia gets a government that will be characterized by honesty, integrity and transparency.

God we ask that as Nation, honor would return for those who hold public office at all levels of Government, that the thought of throwing a sandwich at the Prime Minister would be far outside our cultural framework as we honor those who dedicate their lives in civic duties.

God we ask that we get a healthy opposition to ensure robust debate, scrutiny and accountability of Government polices. May civility return to the discourse in the public square.

And of course God we ask for favor for the seat of Gilmore and in particular for the City of Shoalhaven. Bless this place Lord. Bless the city’s councilors and their families. Bless tonight’s meeting


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2 replies

  1. Absoloutely brilliant God Inspired

  2. A great way to start a council meeting!

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