An Open Letter to Prime Minister Tony Abbott

7th September 2013

Dear Prime Minister Abbott,

Congratulations on being elected Prime Minister of Australia. As a voter, I thought I would take this opportunity to write to you to input into the early direction of your Government.

First up, I would encourage you to remember you are Prime Minister of Australia, not Prime Minister of the people who voted for the Coalition. Work hard at unifying us as a nation. Consult widely and be open to a broad base of opinion.

As you do this, I believe it will help us as a Nation restore civility in the public discourse. It would be great for us as a country to see a significant deepening of social dialogue: a true meeting of the minds, without it descending, as it often currently does, into vicious personal attacks and name calling. Model civility in Question Time in Parliament.

Show respect to the Members of the Opposition Benches.

Make decisions slowly and implement only well thought-out policies that are thoroughly costed.

Refuse to make reactionary policy decisions like your predecessors banning of live cattle exports, which decimated 1000’s of families in the north of the Nation.

Treat the Australian people with respect. Don’t use fear to gain compliance, or use slick one liners like a snake oil salesman to sell policy. When there are stuff ups, (and there will be and we understand that) don’t spin it. Be up front, honest, transparent.

Restore the belief we once had in our values and culture. Help us to move away from feeling the constant need to apologize for and dismiss our Judeo-Christian roots.

You were voted in clearly standing for marriage to be between a man and woman. Remember that.

Stop people drowning in our northern waters. With over 2000 asylum seekers having drowned in the last 5 years, this enormous tragedy must not be allowed to continue. Find the right balance between border protection and our humanitarian responsibility to refugees. As the 12th largest economy in the world and one of the largest land masses, we must show mercy and compassion to genuine refugees.

Understand that cost of living pressures are hurting the average Australian, with steep rises in Electricity prices in particular of great concern. If you repeal the Carbon Tax legislation, how will you ensure that the prices that went up under the Carbon Tax, will indeed come down?

As much as I passionately love Australia and its culture, there are some ‘ugly bits’ that need a concerted effort between Government, Church’s and Community groups, to combat. Binge Drinking and related violence. Problem Gambling. Bullying.

I would also suggest that rolling out greater mental health services in rural Australia will have a positive effect on both the rate of homelessness and the rate of suicides, particularly among young men. I am also a fan of the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

Be a government for Indigenous Australians. Stop the hand outs and instead work with Aboriginal Elders at doing whatever is necessary to create an environment where our Aboriginal Brothers and Sisters can flourish.

As we take our place on the United Nations Security Council, we are now well placed to input into issues around the world. Here are a few. Syria, Human Slavery, Female Genital Mutilation, Treatment of women in India, Egypt.

In regards to Paid Parental Scheme, it does seem overly generous and skewed toward the higher middle class. This may need a rethink. I would also encourage your Government to create space for older workers to stay in the workforce if they so desire.

Finally the economy:- Manage our debt levels so that we are not spending our children’s money. I know we are far from Greece’s example where they are so far in debt that the next three generations will be paying it off, but let’s use Greece to inspire sound rational economic management. Wean us as a nation off Government handouts.

May God Bless Australia

Peter Pilt


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32 replies

  1. Typical propaganda by another useless, bible-bashing conservative with no vision for the future who is putting their faith in a man most comparable to an ape. Tony Abbott has failed to evolve with the times, as have you sir.

    Please keep your rubbish opinions to your no doubt dwindling congregation, the opinions of Christian denominations are not sought nor wanted in a modern society, nor are values from what could well be an ancient work of fiction.

    Kindly shut up, form a valid argument, and then make your opinion known.

    Kind Regards,

    Bradley M Treharne

    • Bradley

      Thanks for illustrating perfecting the lack of civility of public discourse which my letter points out. Brilliant. Thank you.

      Also, last time I looked, Australia is a free country and all opinions are valid or have we evolved into a Orwellian dictatorship.

      Also thanks for inquiring about my Church congregation, Nowra City Church, growing and expanding quite nicely, thank you.

      And May God bless you sir.

    • Crikey Bradley, you must walk around with yer eyes closed…….our world is doing so wonderfully as a modern society,spiraling crime,wars,Planet destruction, food shortages,Abortion,redefining males and females, drugs, gambling and alcohol addiction , killing unborn children.and Yet the people are crying out for Peace, Love, stability and law………..oops, we cant have that……thats what you get following an ancient work of fiction ……..right,… and a study of history will show, that those countries that believed in the ancient book of fiction, actually came out of what the world is now heading into……and they thrived…..

  2. Peter, you mention our seat upon the UN and the importance of global issues, but you forgot to insist that he reverse his decision on reducing Australia’s foreign aid by 4.5 billion – instead aiming for the 0.5% of GDP that his party has promised over the last five years.

  3. Peter,
    If we live in a free country why the hell does anyone have the right to tell anyone who they can and can’t marry – yes originally it was man and woman but you can’t help but you love and choose to be with. We are all equals and we should be free to choose who we marry. So before you go and right crap think about it.

    • Lex

      Firstly the correct word is “write crap” not right crap.

      Secondly, thanks for illustrating my point about lack of civility in public discourse. If you disagree with me, that is fine, but come up with a better counter point that what you have. Don’t couples, same sex and otherwise already have full legal equality, so getting married doesn’t change anything.

    • Lex we are free to choose whom we marry. As long as they are not a child, not a close relation, they are not currently married and the person is not the same gender.

  4. I agree about the marriage side of things. Marriage is sacred to male and female, as for a union between other couples of which I do not object on the grounds that we all need someone to love and be a companion with (no I am not), I am a widower. UInionise people through celebration but not marriage if they feel that need. The foreign aid cut should not be reversed, we need to put our own house in order before we can help others, then increase as we can afford.

    Are you Australian Bradley M Treharne? Because your attitude to freedom of speech though you are entitled to your say seems very UN-australian.

    • Peter Pilt, and Paul Bovis.

      Religious bigots have no right to freedom of speech. You lose that right when you fail to treat people with kindness, dignity and the respect they deserve. Opposing equal rights in terms of marriage for a growing sector of the community is backward, neanderthalic, and quite frankly, the desperate act of men who know they are the lowest of low when it comes to social standing. My mental capacity will never be sufficiently expanded to comprehend the contradictions of the religious denominations who seem to feel that after all this time, the book on which the base their beliefs, is still valid. A story, mind you, full of contradictions and missed messages. And you, you plebeian fools, think that it makes you special, above reproach, and ultimately, forms the basis on which you attempt to judge others and say what is right or wrong. I form my opinion from facts rather than fiction, and I am telling you, you are wrong. Your opinion is not wanted, or needed, in our society. It is why organised religion is dying in all Western Countries in the world. Religion is being replaced by faith. Of course, people like you the two of you, and the other people who have commented on this post in support of the so named ‘traditional’ marriage, must create some controversy in case everyone forgets that your precious little book isn’t all too fond of 2 men going at it. It of course says nothing about Lesbians, does it? Well, here’s the thing. If it makes you squick and squirm at the thought, to bad. Of course, religion has the highest level of homosexually involved pedophillia of any organisation on the planet, of course, more Catholicism than any other. How proud you must be to belong to a church these days.

      Of course, whilst I am gay, I don’t personally support gay marriage. Frankly, I can’t see how any gay would want to be so hetero. Not to mention the huge divorce rate of your sacred affair. But that doesn’t mean I don’t respect the rights that everyone has to be not be differentiated or discriminated against in law.

      And that is what you stand for. How you hold you heads up I do not know. The shame ought to weigh them down.

      • Bradley

        You say
        “Opposing equal rights in terms of marriage for a growing sector of the community is backward, neanderthalic, and quite frankly, the desperate act of men who know they are the lowest of low when it comes to social standing”

        And then you say
        “I don’t personally support gay marriage”

        So how is that not hypocritical?

        And once again, your aggressive attack and name calling is a prime example of the lack of civility in public discourse.

        I will not return the favor. I respect your opinion.


      • Peter,

        Do not twist my words and attempt to insinuate I am a hypocrite. Ill point this out. I clearly said opposing equal rights in backward. I never said I oppose gay marriage. Merely that I do not personally support it. Do I think it should be allowed, yes. Do I want it for myself. No. Is that in simple enough language for you to understand?

      • Bradley

        That is the first civil comment you have posted

      • I am civil, in general, to people who deserve civility. That does not include advocates of hate and inequality and those who engage in outdated philosophy and seek, through Christian propaganda, to be divisive and spread discord in a modern world. The strongest message of Jesus was one of love, for every human being, and yet those who believe in the Jesus Christ are historically dispositioned to be the biggest bigots and oppressors of love of all time. If you believe in inequality, then you have no right to call yourself a man of God.

      • Bradley

        Your judgementalism toward me is breathtaking. You don’t know me, yet you afford me no civilty as a fellow Australian. I was more than happy to engage with you, but as you seem unable to converse without being abusive I am now terminating this conversation.

  5. Dear Bradley,
    I am so sorry you have been hurt in the past by those who profess a faith in God. I’m sorry that their actions have caused you so much pain and caused the wall that has been built around your heart. I will pray for you that healing can start and your heart be softened towards Jesus Christ, because regardless of whether you believe in, as you stated in your own words, our “precious little book” you are loved by your Creator so much that His Son willingly died and then was risen again by Gods power so as you could be offered eternal life. But as in all things it is our choice to accept that FREE gift. As to your statement about contradictions and “missed messages” they are revealed through the Son of God, Jesus, who is The Way, The Truth and the Life and when you look to Him as your Hope it will not be a mystery to you at all.

    With regards to the election of Tony Abbott as our PM. I believe it is indicative of our society that the majority of Australians do not believe he is “comparable to an ape.”, who has “failed to evolve with the times”. If this was the case he would not be PM.

    We are moving into a time in our nations history that has never been before. The majority has decided that they are not going to be quiet anymore, our nation has a heritage that is something to write home about and we must not be silenced by a few minority groups who have held the balance of power for much too long. We must let our lights shine and spread the message that we will no longer live in the depravity and darkness of a void that is only leading us further and further away from the Truth. Darkness is only the absence of light and you and I have been given the light switch!

    I thank you for reading my words – they truly are sent with love, kindness, decency and respect and I hope that before you send me a vitriolic and hurtful reply that you remember if you do you are just as bad as those that you call “religious bigots”.

    Peter, thank you for your letter to the PM I agree with you and believe that it is a considered letter with great clarity and insight.

    Much love

    • Good evening to you Di,

      I thank you for your kind words.
      It was most certainly not easy being a young person in a Catholic school growing up as a homosexual youth, with clear ideas on who I was, and being told I was disgusting, vile, and many other hurtful things behind closed doors with Priests.

      My belief in the miracle of Jesus Christ is that he died for all people’s sins, and that God created every person in his image. Therefore, I also believe that being homosexual is no sin, I am exactly as God intended me to be. I will no longer stand to be told that I am a lesser person based on one passage in a book that may, and I stress may, as the bible has been translated far too many times over 2000 years to be astutely accurate, insinuate that who I was born to love makes me a person who lives in sin. God does make mistakes. Therefore I am not a mistake.

      I disagree whole heartedly with your opinion on the election of Mr Abbott, but we are all entitled to our political opinion. And I will trust that you are not speaking of homosexuals when you speak of the depravity that society currently lives in.

      As a young man, I have faith that one day, all those who have faith, will put aside their personal feelings, and will accept everyone as equal, and that changes to that effect will be implemented to reflect the true value that all humanity should hold close to their heart; Love.

      Bradley M Treharne

  6. I agree with the point that Abbott should “Work hard at unifying us as a nation. Consult widely and be open to a broad base of opinion.”, however I’d argue that that is contradictory to your later point:

    “Restore the belief we once had in our values and culture. Help us to move away from feeling the constant need to apologize for and dismiss our Judeo-Christian roots. You were voted in clearly standing for marriage to be between a man and woman. Remember that.”

    When arguing any point, throwing back to your ‘roots’ is known as the ‘genetic fallacy’, a common logical fallacy that corrupts your argument. Knowing what we’ve done in the past is not at all related to how correct that action is (slavery’s only been abolished for 140 years. Prior to that, it’s been present for all of mankind). I would also argue that technically our roots are a penal colony. I guess I’m in 2 minds about weather that would count as ‘judeo-christian’.

    Fact is no one is asking you to apologise for and dismiss your beliefs. You can believe whatever you want. What we don’t want is for those beliefs, or any others, to have any place in government. You, on the other hand, do most certainly ask homosexuals to apologise for their behaviour and are dismissive of their own need to be recognised in society. Again it’s a hypocritical stance. You’re playing the victim, but you are most certainly the aggressor.

    I find it most telling though, that your letter says nothing about the environment. Climate change is the single most important challenge of our generation, and is far, far more urgent than the apparent ‘economic emergency’ that is supposed to have befallen us. To Australia’s discredit, this weekend they voted that their wallets are more important than our planet. The LNP sent a clear message this election: The environment is not your problem. Do not let environmental issues deter you from earning a single dollar. Leave the planet to us, we’ll sort it out.

    Personally, I would implore the prime minister that the targets that have been set for emission reductions MUST be achieved. These are non negotiable and essential to our children’s future. The “direct action” measures the government has proposed are small, the budgets insignificant.

    I, for one, do not believe that Jesus is going to come back and solve all our problems, let alone think that he’s coming back soon. I believe that we will be residents on this planet for a long time yet, and will do my utmost to ensure it doesn’t descend into ruin while complacent conservatives pray “thy kingdom come”.

  7. Two opposing points of view revealed in all of the above. Jesus taught us to turn the other cheek. I think he would be turning “both cheeks” in this case. Mr Pilt has sent a letter to the newly elected PM , based on his personal ideologies, encouraging him to make decisions for all Australians. nothing wrong there. Well said Peter.
    Mr Treharne has given his opinion based on his personal ideologies of life, formed again from experiences which have been shaped by poor relationships, not by facts.
    Tom , likewise has some valid points , but also based on his personal experiences of life. We all form our views this way. That is how it is.
    Neither Tony Abbott, any government , or any other group can solve all of life ‘s problems. I guess that’s why we all need a personal Saviour. Those who grasp this , will realize that it is not that we each “find God” , but that God ” finds us” .
    Brad. It is not about who you think you are, but who you will become when all of the bitterness and hatred is surrendered . One thing is true. That is , that facts change over time, but truth does not change.
    Looking deep within, we all find that we are NOT all born equal, and that trying to establish equality for all is not going to make the world the place of peace and harmony many think it would be.
    You state correctly that God does not make mistakes. He also did not create all persons equal. He creates individuals , not robots, who have a free will to make choices. He also allows us to make mistakes.
    Until we learn from our mistakes, we will not grow as a nation. Let us learn from all the mess that is in our past and work together to ensure the same mistakes are not repeated.
    Arguing over who,is right and wrong goes back to Cain and Abel. Some one died from that difference of opinion. I guess the Bible is still relevant after all.

    • Stuart. I do not hate. Hate is such an inadequate word. I pity the people who are so dissatisfied with their own lives that they made a 12 year old child in high school suicidal from their intolerance. God most certainly did not make them equal to me. They are beneath me. I am also not bitter, because I would not be the pillar of emotional strength I am today without them. Am I sharp tongued and quick to personally attack people, I admit, I am far from perfect. But they gave me a tremendous gift in that words no longer hurt me. The biggest lie ever told is that words will never hurt you. Words have more power than an army of heavily armed men. I have far more respect for Christians that admit they just dislike gay people than those who pander on about ‘Traditional Marriage’. If the sanctity of marriage, as stated in the bible, is too be truly protected, as I, personally, believe it should be, then Christians would be fighting against heterosexual couples entering marriages that are not practising Christians themselves, or couples who have no intention to procreate, or those who simply do it for the ceremony and pomp that goes with it. With the divorce rate of first marriages now exceeding 50%, I question if this is really the institution God intended it to be. I believe in relationships being recognised in a secular society and in law being completely separate from the institution of marriage, and that marriage should be between a man and a woman, entered into for life and with the intent of procreation, who are participating members of a congregation of a religion that recognises marriage. I would call all other ceremonies, a Bond. Bonded couples would be recognised in law with the same equality as that of a marriage. Bonding ceremonies could be performed by the current civil celebrants.

      This would be true protection of the sanctity of marriage. Which is of course, the primary reason stated by conservatives for opposition of gay marriage.

      I apologise to those people, including Peter Pilt, who I have attacked personally in this commentary. I freely admit that it is a defensive mechanism built up over many years, and one which I must work on controlling.

      God Bless you all.

      • Thank you Bradley M Treharne for articulating in your responses what probably close to 50% of the nation is thinking…. Rachel

    • “Neither Tony Abbott, any government , or any other group can solve all of life ‘s problems. I guess that’s why we all need a personal Saviour”

      Sounds like a cop out to me, a way to avoid thinking about things, and instead to rely on an intervention from the almighty. Hasn’t worked out too well for us so far, perhaps we need to take ownership of our problems and strive to solve them rather than putting them in the too hard basket or relying on an invisible man to solve them.

      I agree that we are not all born equal, due to the non-designed nature of our physical bodies plenty of people are born with all kinds of ailments, both physical, cognitive and psychological, but as much as possible, it is the governments job to make us all equal in treatment and equal in opportunity, be it black or white, rich or poor, gay or straight…

      As for Cain & Abel, I don’t recall there being an argument? God liked Abel’s offering better, so Cain got jealous and killed him. Sounds like a poor analogy to me. Maybe if God had the foresight he might have known that that would happen, and maybe if he’d been easier on Cain, Abel would still be alive. The bible is still relevant, in so much that people are still doing idiotic things in the name of religion as Cain did in this situation.

  8. “I, personally, believe it should be, then Christians would be fighting against heterosexual couples entering marriages that are not practising Christians themselves, or couples who have no intention to procreate, or those who simply do it for the ceremony and pomp that goes with it.”

    Correct Bradley. Homosexuality is a smaller by-law. Consider the second commandment: “Thou shalt have no other gods before me”. If they had ownership over the entire marriage concept, they would also be opposing Muslim, Buddhist and Hindu weddings. Fact is they don’t. Marriage predates all religions and is a societal universal that transcends religion. That’s why marriage in Australia is, at its core, a civil ceremony, where different religions have the right to append their own rituals and impose their own regulations in those contexts. I don’t have a problem at all with a church or minister refusing to perform a christian gay wedding. That is well within their right. Where they overstep their boundaries is when they try to impose their religious views onto our core, civil marriage concept.

  9. Peter, how can you write to Mr Abbott, telling him to keep marriage between man and woman? The Bible says that a marriage shall be considered valid only if the wife is a virgin. If the wife is not a virgin, she shall be executed. (Deuteronomy 22:13-21) If my memory of High School is correct, you might want to reconsider your position on the relevance of The Bible to our marriage laws.

    • You assume I was approaching this from a biblical perspective. (Although I smile at how many people these days are experts in Old Testament law).

      I think all children deserve a mum and a dad.

      • Unfortunately Peter, the sad fact is with a divorce rate over 50%, children are not really getting a mum and a dad. More like mum and her 6 boyfriends and dad and his harem.

        Honestly Peter, I agree with your statement on kids having a mum and a dad. But it becomes an invalid argument when you only apply it to homosexuals, because it is not the standing reality of the situation. This is why marriage must be preserved solely to people who are participating members of a congregation, people who actually value the values of the church.

      • “I smile at how many people these days are experts in Old Testament law”

        It’s become a matter of necessity to have some grasp, in order to combat those that say that homosexuality is unequivocally wrong. When we point out other seemingly immoral points in the bible, it’s not so much to say that the bible is an immoral book, it’s to point out that you cherry pick (out of necessity) the things in the bible you want to uphold and those you want to ignore, and there’s so much argument and debate over the true meanings of scripture and what is still relevant today that it’s arrogant for you to say that you’re so confident that homosexuality is wrong that you’re prepared to persecute people as second class citizens.

        Interestingly, most churches still push tithing as a christian responsibility, although there’s plenty of argument that it was specifically designed to support the Levites and not applicable to NT teachings. Wonder why that particular idea has lasted?

        It is entirely possible, when you get to heaven, you’ll stand before God, and he’ll ask “Why were you so mean to the gays?! Before the creation of the world I knew each one of them. I made them, fearfully and wonderfully.”

        I think a healthy dose of doubt would be beneficial for all religions. Just a fleeting thought of “what if I’m wrong?” could save so much evil in the world. “What if God wants me to love, not persecute gays?”, or “What if Jesus isn’t coming back any time soon?” or “What if Allah DOESN’T want me to fly that plane into that building?”.

        As for “I think all children deserve a mum and a dad”, it’s been shown time and time again that children from gay parents are just as likely to live normal, happy, well balanced lives as their hetero counterparts.

        From all the arguments I’ve seen, I’m blown away that people still try to oppose marriage equality from a logical standpoint, when anyone with an IQ over 40 can see gaping holes in the logic of every single one of them. Not one anti gay argument I’ve seen has any logical merit. At least “because God said so” or “because I’m afraid of it because it’s different from me” is more honest.

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  11. The church does not and should not dictate politics. It deserves an influence yes, but just as much as the homosexual community or any other major community within the Australian population (therefore minimum influence).

    • I would hardly suggest the gay and lesbian lobby have had minimal influence in Australia. And what about the Climate Change lobby?

      • My previous comment was posted prematurely. As I was saying…. I was not insinuating that the parties aforementioned had a ‘minimal influence’ it was that they deserve all equal and minimal influence. The final decisions should be based upon sound knowledge on the topic at hand and the Australian publics majority decision and then ensured it will benefit/be supported by the MAJORITY of Australia. I’m not going to go into climate change or any other science/witch craft scepticism topics.

        Gay marriage is inevitable. You can’t stop it. It will happen it’s just a matter of time. The sooner we can get over it and move in with more essential issues the better.


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