Things that I am thinking on.


  • Have we lost the art of rational dialogue?
  • Why do people assume that you go to Hell if you commit suicide when there is no biblical basis for that theology?
  • I love social media, but I wonder what the negatives of it are.
  • Kony2012
  • Why do Christians spend so much time and energy fighting each other?
  • Why are there mushrooms in beef stroganoff?
  • How would I live differently if I was given 12 months to live?
  • Having just read a book on Emotional Intelligence in leadership – what implication does that knowledge have for my leadership?
  • How powerful are the little things we can do in life that has a significant impact on others?
  • How come men often find friendship difficulty?
  • I need to do some research on Food Security.
  • Becker is a useless TV show.
  • I wonder why reality TV is so popular. What is in in mankind that feels the need to watch reality TV?
  • If Adam and Eve had of confessed to God that they had eaten the forbidden fruit and asked for forgiveness. Would that have changed anything?
  • Apart from my salvation, what am I most grateful for in life?
  • Read this today on the internet:- If you knew that everyone you know was going to die tomorrow, who would you visit today? Found it thought provoking.
  • If we learn from our mistakes, why are we so afraid of making them?
  • Wonder if anyone will read this blog

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  1. Another challenging blog. I enjoy reading them and find them quite useful. Thanks for your leadership and conviction

  2. To answer your last question first, yes, at least one person read it–me! I’m going to ponder some of your questions now as I go to bed and will reply with anything that I believe to be fruitful in the morning.

  3. hey Pete, re Adam and Eve: they could not have been forgiven because “without the shedding of blood there is no remission of sin!”. I have wondered that I’d Adam had died for Eve BEFORE he committed sin by eating the fruit, would that have absolved Eve of her sin?

  4. Wonder why I’m reading this blog…..
    What’s for dinner tonight?
    When will my brain wake up?
    Glad my life has purpose.
    Probably wouldn’t visit everyone but I’d at least try to call….
    Better do some work.

  5. “Why do Christians spend so much time and energy fighting each other?”
    It’s tempting to respond with “What do you mean we’re fighting all the time? Do you want to argue about that?”, but I won’t. 😉

    I guess one reason is that salvation brings instant conversion from being an outsider to being a child of God, but the working out of that salvation, ie the full impact of it in every part of a person’s thoughts, motivations and actions, is a lifelong process. Just as we all learn, get fit/unfit, stay healthy or become sick at different rates and in different degrees, it seems that the achieving of being a FULLY saved person happens at different rates, too. As long as my old, ungodly motivations are still there, well, you know.

    Perhaps, too, as I see when looking at how I lived my Christianity for at least half of the 30+ years that I’ve been a Jesus person, I was too focussed on being right so that I’d be righteous. Yes, I missed the whole point of what grace is. It’s still a daily struggle to remember that I can only call myself a Christian because of God’s love acted out through Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross, rather than because of an adherence to a list of rules or doctrines. That’s a long rambling paragraph but it’s my way of saying that I didn’t/don’t have a grasp of the power of grace, and so maybe there are lots of other people like me who don’t as well and we spend too much time trying to be right in order to (stupidly) try to earn God’s favour and so we argue with others about how right we are.

    Potential heresy alert: A number of years back our pastor asked us to do a 7-day fast. During that time I don’t think I heard God speak to me many times. In fact I can only think of one time. I recall sensing God say to me “having grace is more important than being right”. Heresy or not, it’s been an enormous help to me in my own walk with God and has been a HUGE help in relating to other Christians and how I see non-Christians.

  6. Good questions, how can one answer them “off the cuff”. Of course we can after all it’s fast food time. @Ian.. there was no “law” for Adam & Eve. Rational dialogue…I think forums like this are giving the “common man” a chance to be heard and discuss issues without media hype. I like the question re-suicide, had that from a teenager via fb. Somehow my quirky humour says the questions about christians fighting all the time and mushrooms in beef strog’ go together. Thanks Peter for leaving us a challenge to think about. I think your last question has been answered.

  7. Hi Pastor Pilt, i have been reading your blog and i have started pondering some of the subjects that you have outlined and here are the thoughts.

    I think people in general follow rather than think for them selves and that could be one of the reasons why rational thinking has gone out the window. I think the lack of thinking for our selves and the blind following of the vast amount of different types of veiws and opinions which are out there, can cause confusion for some people who dont realy know how to think things through. Clouded judgment and confusion may be the reason why rational thinking has lost its place in our society.

    I always thought that suicide was like murder because the act of killing ones self is taking a life and i think life should be cherished.

    One of the bad things about social media is the fact that face to face interaction has declined as a result of social media sites like facebook and twitter but there are also alot of good things that social media can bring to our lives which help balance out the not so good.

    I love beef stroganoff and i think we use mushrooms in the dish to help bring out the richness of the beef and the cream. The dish has gone through many changes and different ingredients have been added and subtracted since it has made its way around the world from Russia in the early 1900s

    The little things we do for other people can have as much or more of an impact on somone as somthing big. A simple smile will produce feel good chemicals in our brains and that alone can change the direction of somones day. The simple things in life are often the best!

    Men may find friendship difficult because society can look down on a man who shows emotion.

    I think that watching a person or persons through a little window is reffered to as peeping tom or pervert but with the invention of reality tv this kind of rubber necking has become socialy acceptable and even trendy. Maybe society in general is just plain old perverted.

    I read this blog and found it very interesting and imbsure many others will also.

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