Morning News Wrap for Thursday May 31st 2012

Sam Stossur wins her 3rd round match of the French Open. 2 die in car crash in Bendigo. PM tells miners they down own minerals. Baden-Clay toxicology tests fail to reveal any new clues to her death. Elderly pilot dies in a NSW plane crash. UK Parents of the 6 children who died in a house fire have been charged with thier murder. Another massacre in Syria overnight sees 13 killed as the UN appears powerless to stop the genocide.  Canada investigates 2 mailed body parts. Prince Charles praises Australian Soldier. Tony Abbott flees Federal Parliament as Craig Thomson votes with the Coalition. Blood Diamonds Taylor, gets 50 years. Prince William looks forward to children.  Wall Street down 160 points on the back of Spain bank fears. Hendra Virus kills two horses in QLD. Bono to present Amnesty award to Suu Kyi. Mubraka sons charged with insider trading. Saltwater Croc attacks kills two men.  Waiter receives $5000 tip.

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  1. Reblogged this on Shane Bentley Ministries and commented:
    Worth having a read!

  2. What is a “pack of death” that mauled the young girl to death?

  3. Now time to talk about the book deal, love the blog.

  4. Yes, lets cut the single parent income… thats going to help avoid more feral children in the future!!! They need to develop systems to HELP the families not add more pressure to them! I know as a single parent with only 1 child you aren’t paid much anyway!!! Add to that the challenges in finding work so you CAN be there for your child as both mother & father is near on impossible!! So glad I faced that part of my journey with God because there is no way I would have been able to survive victoriously without Him!

  5. You know what would be good, now that you’re doing this on your blog, you could include a link to each article so if anyone’s interested, they could read the full story.

  6. Please wish your mum happy birthday

  7. Why do you keep editing the same old post instead of creating a new post every day?

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