Unusual Searches That People Have Used To Find My Blog.

This blog uses WordPress and it records the Google Search terms that people use to find my blog. Some of them leave me shaking my head as to how Google linked my blog to the search terms. So here are a few of the ones that have left me puzzled or scratching my head.

  • how is the australian government using fiscal policy to combat the two speed economy
  • strawberry wall
  • what happens if you eat red meat on good Friday
  • sad death pictures
  • jay lennon
  • hugh hefner sex normal function body
  • celebrity daughters
  • bureaucracy red tape
  • angry childrens
  • behave badly
  • south coast register melanie pilt
  • the israelites attitude
  • teaching jobs nowra prison
  • samuel clemens and halley’s comet
  • dorothy mathieson
  • john hanscombe nowra city church
  • “tied up” boys “sex addiction”
  • our lives are made up of the pieces that others have given.
  • we dont want julia Gillard
  • chart of the rocks the concordia hit
  • where do u buy red tulip chocolate
  • rapture Gillard
  • 10 things bible
  • irene gleeson theology
  • touching girlfriends breasts outside of clothes sinful
  • how do you message the easter bunny
  • do people who have gone to heaven see their funerals?
  • easter sermons – nike
  • methodist eat meat on Friday
  • i am 50 and have not done what i want with my life

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