Morning News Wrap for Wednesday 27th June 2012

Morning!  Bernard Tomic has been beaten in the first round of Wimbledon. Northern Territory Aboriginal leaders have declared a day of mourning as legislation is passed to extend the Intevention Program. Missing Northern QLD teen has been found. Hackers rack up $16,000 Care Flight bill. Sydney motel siege ends with a man arrested. 50 Cent hospitalized after hitting a Mack truck. Govt sures up Chaplaincy Program. Child dies in suspected UK gas blast. Bus falls from Nepalese mountain, killing 10. In India, a mob killed 3 people for witchcraft. Jews arrested for Holocaust Museum vandalism. 42 Malawians suffocate in the back of a truck as they were trying to get to Tunisia. North Korea suffers worst drought in a century. Kyle Sandilands is the least trusted Aussie, in a poll released today. NSW teachers strike today. Wall Street up 32 points. Land minds kill 73 in Yeman.

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4 replies

  1. You’re right. Watermelons DO taste wonderful.

  2. Oh my goodness Pete you must know Olivia… My overly dramatic daughter! Lol

  3. i wanted to see what she’d say about the iphone charger 😛

  4. Knights beat the tigers.

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