Morning News Wrap for 3rd July 2012

Good Morning. Here is the news. GetUp Director Simon Sheikh passed out last night during the live ABC Broadcast of Q&A. Two young QLD boys have died when the drain they were playing in collapsed. Australian lawyer Melinda Taylor has been released from a Libyan jail. Labor Frontbencher Craig Emerson awkwardly broke out into song while selling the Carbon Tax during a press conference. The RBA meets today and is expected to keep rates on hold. Sydney man shot during a home invasion. Tony Mokbel faces a long prison term. Newman says QLD debt is daunting.  Two Chinese men who attempted to hijack a domestic flight, died after they were beaten by angry passengers. Two young boys in England slipped passed security and grabbed the Olympic torch from a runner. At least 22 people have been killed in wild storms in the US. Wall Street down 8 points. Seven killed in Afghan University blast.

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3 replies

  1. Peter, thanks so much for breaking the news into bight sized pieces for me. I hate reading the news, watching the news or going beyond the first paragraph, but I LOVE to know the news! Lynne

  2. What about the amazingly great things that have happened today???

  3. Peter, thanks for breaking the morning news into bite-size pieces for me as I hate sitting to read the news; watch the news; listen to the news, but LOVE to KNOW the news. You are the ultimate Manager of TextSpeed Breakfast Morning Wrap!

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