Your Morning News Wrap for Wednesday 18th July 2012

Welcome to Wednesday. Here are the essentials. “Swooping” kills Sydney skydiver. Govt inspectors have started cracking down on Kings Cross clubs and bars. A dingo has tried to pull a girl from her sleeping bag in Kakadu.  In Cairns, police are refusing to confirm they have found the bodies of a missing Mt Isa couple. Massive job losses announced for Ford Employees in Victoria, just 6 months after the company pocketed a multi million dollar taxpayer funded government handout. Financial Review is reporting that the Carbon Tax handouts have resulted in an increase in gaming revenues – particularly the pokies. Security company G4S has faced humiliating questions as they admit that they are unable to properly provide security for the Olympics – the army has now stepped in to fulfil the role. Wall Street up 78 points. AUD over 103 US cents. NZ miners rescued after underground fire. Austrian court bans noisy cowbells. Chris Judd banned for four weeks for a chicken wing tackle in the AFL. Clergy may be forced to report confessions of a criminal natural to the police.

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