Your Morning News Wrap for Tuesday the 24th July 2012

Good Morning. Here is what you need to know. The Jackets that the Australian Team will wear at the Olympic Opening Ceremony have every Aussie Gold Medal winner’s name since 1896 sewn into the inside. 14 people are dead after a pickup truck carrying illegal immigrants crashed into a tree in the US. Bob Carr offends the US by talking about a “Nation in decline” when speaking to Mitt Romney. Pastor in Nowra thinks Bob Carr is an idiot.  Cancer causing toxins have been found in baby formula in China. Floods in Nigeria, kill 35 people. Batman shooting suspect appears in court. US committed to AIDS free generation. 23 people have been executed by regime forces in Syria. A German pensioner found a python in her toilet. Cash handouts have not helped the ALP in the polls with the primary vote listed at 28% just 2% about their record lows.  The Queen has welcomed the International Olympic Committee to Buckingham Palace. The North Queensland Cowboys have moved into the NRL top Four.  Divorce is bad for your bank account. Poor Governance and Nepotism were systemic in HSU; report says. More than 100 killed in Iraq in bloody day of suicide bombing.Two dead after falling over a cliff fleeing fires in Spain. This is the longest the Morning News Wrap has ever been. 206 words. Just sayin. 209 now.

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  1. Just a tip if you are travelling to Indonesia, including Bali. Leave your drugs at home. For more than a decade I have campaigned and raged on that Australian Customs border control is full of holes. Clearly if someone departing Australia has drugs in their luggage that is as much an illegal export as it would be an illegal import and Customs should pick that up and seize it before it leaves the country.

    I said that in regards to Schapelle Corby (not just me but also senior serving Customs Law Enforcement Officers including the then President of the Customs Officers Associations Peter Bennett and Former 23 year Secretary of the Association Bob Spanswick ) But Customs is a tokenistic honesty box agency.

    Sure they do a reasonable half hearted job at Mascot airport where it is easy to scan and sniff things but still they slip up for reasons I can go into if people are interested.

    But the bottom line is if you want to exploit holes in the Australian system, don’t be so optomistic that Bali will have just as many holes in theirs.

  2. Pete,
    So many questions …
    Are you buying Euro?
    How did your preach go this morning ?
    Are you going to see the Beibs? 6 sleeps – woot! 😉

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