My Dad Turns 77 Today: Top Ten Things I have to say on my Dad’s 77th Birthday.


My dad turned 77 today.

I thought it was a good opportunity to say a few things. So here are the Top Ten Things I have to say as my Dad turns 77.

1) I love having a Dad. Really really love having a dad. I think not having one is one of the great robberies of life. I know so many people who would love to either know their dad, have a relationship with their dad or have some knowledge of their biological dad. I hear their pain. Its enormous. I sympathize with their pain…But I don’t understand it as my Dad has always been there.

2) I love that I am 47 and my Dad is still on the planet. So many people my age no longer have a dad alive. I love being able to ring my dad on any given day and just chat. I love that my Dad and I are mates.

3) I love that my Dad is still married to my Mum. My dad is a great husband. Well according to my Mum lol and according to the fact that they have been married for over 50 years. Thanks Dad for modelling to me how to be a great husband. I wrote a blog on their 50th Wedding Anniversary. Click here to read it.

4) I love the lessons my Dad taught me. So many lessons. One of the most memorable:- after many great fishing adventures, is that big fish are only found in fish markets….we tried dad, we really tried…..Maybe in the Foster/Tuncurry area they only grow small fish….really really small fish…but it never stopped us trying. Thanks Dad for all the lessons.

5) I love that my Dad was a permission giver. I grew up with so many amazing adventures. I have tried to list them but it doesn’t really give this point justice, so I deleted the list. Dad was a yes when I asked him can I do stuff. And then he would empower me to make it happen. Wow. This was such a big deal as I look back on my childhood. And so influential in the way that I parent now…..the answer is pretty much always yes and then how can I help you make that happen.

6) I love that my Dad was a crazy adventure guy. He turns 18 and jumps on a crazy flying machine, that was nothing like the planes of today, flies to Papua New Guinea and proceeds for 6 years to tell the people of PNG about Jesus. The stories, which I grew up on, are mind blowing….first White Man into some villages, Mud Men, Laughing Disease, Moo Moos, mass baptisms, motorcycle accidents, earthquakes lots of walking etc etc. Just Wow on every level. Much respect and admiration.

7) I love that my Dad was incredible with money. I could say so much about this but I will simply say that what my Dad and Mum did with what they had, was awesome. One of the best days of my life was when Dad and Mum gave me, for my 8th birthday, a Honda Z50 Motorbike. It was 1977 and the day was raining so bad that Dad and Mum moved all furniture in the Lounge Room and I rode round and round on my little motorbike. Such a powerful memory.

8) I love that my Dad showed me how to be a great dad. I think I am a pretty good dad. I have some faults. I have made some mistakes. But my girls are both amazing people. They make me smile amazingly. They are great people because my dad was a great model.

9) I love that my Dad is a great granddad. Both Lakeisha and Laura love my dad very much. I love that. I love that my Dad loves my daughters.

10) I simply love my Dad. Thanks Dad for being the most amazing role model in my life…..If I achieve anything of any significance in this life….I attribute it all to you. Happy Birthday.

Your Son,



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  1. Fabulous acknowledgement to your Dad, & a real encour-
    agement to other men. Many will be sniffling, or have tears in their eyes, thinking…wish I had a Dad like that…or even…wish I had a Dad! Happy birthday to Peter’s Dad!

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