39 Things I blame the Carbon Tax for

The introduction of the Carbon Tax on the 1st of July has been controversial. The bakery company Brumbies got into trouble by telling its Franchise owners to increase prices and blame the Carbon Tax. A funeral home told a grieving family that even the dead don’t escape the Carbon Tax. So I got to thinking: What else could we blame on the Carbon Tax. Here is my list of suggestions.

  1. Darrel Lea going bankrupt is obviously due to the Carbon Tax.
  2. One Direction mania is due to the fear surrounding the Carbon Tax.
  3. I passed a truck yesterday on the Pacific Highway just south of Karuah that had two flat front tyres due to the Carbon Tax.
  4. Atheists – definitely bought into existence by the Carbon Tax.
  5. The new Islamist Egyptian Government – Carbon Tax.
  6. That crazy Pastor in America who predicted the Rapture would happen in May of last year, thought God would take us all to avoid the Carbon Tax.
  7. Devastating floods in Russia obviously related to the Carbon Tax
  8. Carbon Tax = Pepsi
  9. Carbon Tax = Brussel Sprouts.
  10. Rebecca Black’s song Friday – Was a song about the Carbon Tax
  11. The famous tag line – Not happy Jan – was a prophetic statement about a lady called Jan, who would live sometime in the future and who was not happy about the Carbon Tax.
  12. I took an amazing photo the other day of a sunrise over Jervis Bay, just as two dolphins broke through the surface of the water, and a flock of Black Swans were flying overhead. When I checked it – it was grossly out of focus and I knew it was because of the Carbon Tax
  13. When I was a kid and I was naughty – Carbon Tax
  14. The other day I was driving to Canberra and just passed Marulen they are doing road works and the speed limit is 80km/hr and I was doing 89km/hr and I got pulled over and as soon as the policeman walked up to me he asked – Why were you speeding and I said the escape the Carbon Tax – and he said ok and let me go.
  15. The Ellie and Ricardo Breakfast show on Power FM in Nowra, finished last Friday and rumors are all over the internet that they resigned as a protest against the Carbon Tax.
  16. Seinfeld stopped making shows for the same reason – the Carbon Tax.
  17. Superman is no longer weak around Kryptonite – he is weak in the presence of the Carbon Tax.
  18. Poor phone signal in Nowra is due to the introduction of the Carbon Tax
  19. Harry Potter was nearly killed by Voldamort due to the Carbon Tax
  20. The reason the Men are in Black – is because of the Carbon part of the Carbon Tax.
  21. A little known fact is that the Hindenburg crashed because of the Carbon Tax.
  22. The Mayan’s predicted the end of the world as being December 2012 as they knew that it would be 12 months after the introduction of the Carbon Tax.
  23. Katie Holmes left Tom Cruise because of the Carbon Tax.
  24. Gay Marriage – yep – Carbon Tax’s fault.
  25. The domination of the All Blacks in last year’s Rugby World cup was due to the Carbon Tax – I mean they call themselves the All Blacks.
  26. The rust that is fast eating the Sydney Harbor Bridge is due to the Carbon Tax.
  27. When you get bored, that is caused by the Carbon Tax
  28. The Carbon Tax has also increased the pain of Child Birth
  29. Mars Bars are now shorter as are rolls of toilet paper – all due to the Carbon Tax.
  30. The famous movie Gone with the Wind, was a parody about the Carbon Tax.
  31. Windows Vista = Carbon Tax
  32. Justin Beiber yep, you guessed it.
  33. Occupy Wall Street protest was a protest against the excesses of the Carbon Tax.
  34. In Goyte’s famous song – Somebody I used to know – he lost contact with the person he is singing about because of the Carbon Tax.
  35. Analogue TV signal was snuffed out in preparation for the Carbon Tax
  36. Next time you car doesn’t pass the rego inspection it will be because of the Carbon Tax.
  37. Naughty Children are naughty because of the Carbon Tax
  38. BP’s oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico – Carbon Tax
  39. If you are offended by anything in this list – that is caused by the Carbon Tax.

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3 replies

  1. Living in Kalgoorlie – Boulder, our City Council is somehow on the Carbon Tax list, Our city council? We do not recycle a great deal, but freighting to Perth to recycle, relies on the internal combustion engine, and produces “carbon pollution”.

  2. You may think it is funny to mock the blaming of a carbon tax on the Australian economy with 39 sarcastic problems that we could try and blame on the carbon tax, however, there are people losing their jobs, small businesses going broke, people getting into more and more debt everyday and all for a political ideology that has being legislated into a tax by a government who lied to the electorate. Now that isn’t funny and certainly not worthy of satire.

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