This is my invitation to you to be part of the iProject 2013 and be part of the Solution to Trafficking and Poverty

On Sunday the 19th May 2013, Nowra City Church will be taking up its annual Imagine Offering. This will be the 11th such offering that has been taken up over the last 11 years. This is an offering that is a missions and social justice offering that is sown into multiple countries around the world. Over the last few weeks I have preached and blogged on some of the significant issues the world faces. Here is my blog on Globalisation and Poverty.   Here is my blog on Human Trafficking. We must do something about these issues. We must not be silent. I am writing this blog because I want to invite the readers of my blog and my Facebook and Twitter friends to contribute to being part of the solution. All the money raised goes into Missions and Social Justice projects: including two anti slavery projects and multiple projects that deal with poverty. This year there are 17 Projects in 6 Nations. Here is a brief Summary:

  • Finance a rehabilitation house for ex teen prostitutes in Kathmandu, Nepal. This is a major project and will finance the entire rent, the staffing and food budget, the retraining and then provision of  microenterprise finance for businesses to be started.
  • Construct a toilet block in a rural school outside of Danang, Vietnam. This will also include a water filtration system. One of the world’s biggest killers of children is poor sanitation and unclean water.
  • Put in a well for a village in Tanzania. The village is called Nija Panda Town and is 20kms east of Moshi. The total number of people this will impact is about 700. This is project undertake in partnership with Compassion International.
  • Buy therapeutic play equipment for a children’s hospital in Vietnam.
  • Undertake a construction Project in China. Details cannot be made available online.This is a major undertaking and will have an incredible impact on the people it is aimed at assisting.
  • Finance the Digital Missions ministry of Nowra City Church.
  • Provide some finance to the outreach ministries of the church to the local area.
  • Provide some finance to the hundreds of families that are helped at Christmas time through the Christmas Hampers
  • Help in the Co-ordination of Global Care Australia wide and the preparation for more effective Natural Disaster response. This also assists in awareness programs that Global Care undertake for the homeless, victims of bullying, being an advocate for better mental health services and the like.
  • Finance a Critical Incident Vehicle for Global Care – to better resource its team of Blue Army Volunteers when they are helping in a disaster.
  • Provide for the clothing budget for SHE Rescue Homes in Cambodia.
  • Provide some finance for the two campuses that are connected to Nowra City Church.
  • Buy more blankets for the people in Kathmandu in the slum village where we have bought blankets before to help them get through the Himalayan winter.
  • Renovate A2 mini Auditorium to better provide for our children.
  • Buy Pigs for Microenterprise projects in Vietnam to help poor villages break the curse of generational poverty.

I would invite you to participate. If you would like to, donations can be made to the iProject Bank Account. Remember every bit helps.

  • BSB No: 032-691
  • Account No: 274 647
  • Account Name: Nowra City Church
  • Reference your donation iProject.

Here is the Promo video.

I hope you choose to be involved. It will make a difference.

Peter Pilt

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