My Reverse Bucket List – 50 things I plan on not doing.

I am a fan of the Bucket List. Was having some time thinking yesterday and I thought of the idea of making a Reverse Bucket List:- 50 things that I don’t want to do.  Here is what I came up with. These are some things I plan on not doing:


Confront my fear of heights
Do anything with Colonic Irrigation in the title
Read War and Peace or The Thorn Birds
Appear on X-Factor
Run a marathon
Eat Brussel Sprouts, Cabbage or Spinach
Vote Greens
Watch  Sex and the City
Do a Ghost tour of anywhere
Witness a Tsunami
Climb Mt Everest
Engage in Sexting
Make a Coat of Arms for my family
Be unique like everyone else and get a tatoo
Coach my son’s soccer team
Bathe in the Ganges River
Go on a coffee tour around the world
Work at Hooters
Adopt a rescue cat
Put $100 on Black 17 on the Roulette wheel
Go wine tasting anywhere
Learn to say hello in 10 differenet languages
Attend a fashion show
Own an autograph book
Learn how to make sushi
Swim with sharks
Fire walk
Watch a horror movie
Get my fortune told
Enter a hot dog eating contest
Shave my legs
Buy a caravan
Wear a cardigan
Turn into a grumpy old man
Watch Star Trek
Shoot a tiger
Have a vasectomy
Got to North Korea
Accept my inheritance from my unknown rich relative who just died in Nigeria
Bungee Jump
Learn how to Ballroom Dance
See a Tornado touch down
Be involved in an armed hold up
Modernise my theology
Be too busy for my girls
Be a fan of One Direction
Do Pilates – again
Teach Shakespeare to ESL students in an Asian country.
Be a clown

Ps Peter Pilt

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9 replies

  1. Clown…..hahahahaha…. I think you would be a great clown. Blue suit was just the beginning…lol

  2. You never want to shave your legs? Woah, Pete you’re missing out there. Freshly-shaved legs feel awesome, give it a go this summer!

  3. You have no idea what you’re missing out on by not watching Star Trek. Especially Voyager. I’ve recently become a Star Trek convert because of that show lol.

    Also, I see you have “adopt a rescue cat” on your not to do list. I hope that also includes rescue dogs then. Because cats are WAY better than dogs, so if you aren’t wanting a cat, you certainly won’t want a dog lol

  4. You really should try a Skydive!

  5. I can appreciate the no swimming with sharks thing… Instead, this summer, would you consider going fishing where sharks swim??

  6. I LOVE brussel sprouts and spinach! 🙂

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