Around Australia Trip – Cloncurry to Three Ways Roadhouse

Today is day 4 of my trip around Australia in 13 days. Technically it’s day 3 and a half but let’s not get technical. Drove today from Cloncurry to the Three Ways Road house just north of Tennant Creek. I drove into Tennant Creek and what a strange town. It has a weird feeling about it. It looks boarded up and closed. Here is a map of what I covered today.


The trip from Cloncurry to Mt Isa goes through some amazing scenery. Very hilly and beautiful. This pic shows the road heading into the hills. The landscape photos are on my SLR camera.


One thing I noticed about the trip today was that there was zero road kill in terms of Roos. This contrasts sharply with the number of Roos I saw on the side of the road east of Cloncurry. Between Cloncurry and Mt Isa there were many dead cows as the cattle roam free and at night when they wander onto the road, the road trains clean them up. But west of Mt Isa, there was no road kill. I found this interesting and I wondered why. Here is a pic of the road today as I drove into a storm.


I decided I would try and be creative with photos that include the Aussie flag, as I drive around. Here is one of the ones I took today.


Here is a pic of Mt Isa


Northern Territory Border


Got to love this


Got to love the optimism of Queenslanders. They’re wrong. But optimistic. Lol


And last pic of the day – stop complaining about fuel prices. Here is what I paid today.


Tomorrow I head to Darwin. I am loving this trip. Loving the nation.

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  1. Hi Pete Love your pics. The one of Mt Isa brings back memories – lived there in the 70s and it doesn’t look too much different!!! We did the roads when they were just dirt which was so much fun – not. You had to try to put one side of the car wheels in the tyre marks of the road trains and the other wheels in the hump of the middle – if you slipped you bellied the car and would have to wait to see who could pull you off!!! I beg to differ – Qld is ahead!!!! I’ll be interested to see what you take of Darwin as I used to travel up there for work. It is rather unique. Why are you doing the trip – I think I must have missed that and how long do you anticipate taking? Safe travel Rhonda Healy (M) 0413 786 225

  2. Love it Peter!!

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