Around Australia Trip – Kununuarra to Broome

Day 7 of my trip around Australia. Kununuarra to Broome. Over 1000ks today, but some spectacular landscapes. I have also been amazed at how quickly the weather can change. It can be blue sky and sunshine and within 20 minutes its poring rain and then back to sunshine 20 minutes later. That can happen multiple times a day.

Felt incredibly isolated today. 1000ks with only three roadhouses along the way. Halls Creek is a two bit town but really nothing more than a roadhouse. The longest conversation I had today was with an Asian woman in Halls Creek as I ordered a Hamburger with the lot and a coke. Apart from that, I have spoken to noone today. It’s an odd experience. Then to be in the middle of no where on roads that has little to no traffic – very interesting.

I took some photos of a river where some aboriginal children were swimming and playing. Such a delightful sound:- kids playing in the water. I also hit half way in the trip today at Halls Creek. I am on my way home now.

I am writing this an Cable beach at Broome, waiting for the sun to set.

Anyway let me show you my day in photos.
















Cable Beach

Tomorrow I head to Karratha

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  1. Hi Peter – I’ve been following this trip of yours with great interest. I am Australian but now live in New York City. As much as I love living in the US, your images make me very homesick for the Australian bush and outback which I have enjoyed much of in previous years from a bicycle seat as an avid cycle tourist. We truly only realise how beautiful the Australian countryside is when we don’t see it every day! Keep them coming!

  2. Bring back happy memories of our trip enjoy the peace and serenity love Ros x

  3. I need to stop looking at these pics. It’s making me nostalgic and missing my grandfather 😦

  4. Superb photos Pete. Thanks for sharing your journey with us. When you retire from Pastoring you could think about becoming a photographer!!! Cheers

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