Around Australia Trip – Broome to Karratha

Day 8 of my “Hug the Nation” trip. Traveling from Broome to Karratha, I did 882 ks today. The next two days are bigger at 1100 ks each day. The Australia landscape is amazing in that it changes so quickly. The landscape changes dramatically as soon as you hit WA. Then again a dramatic change when you turn off the Broome/Kununuarra road heading to Karratha. Gone today where the huge cliffs and rocky outcrops, replaced instead with flat paddocks. Still beautiful. Just very different.

I love the rivers. So picturesque. So peaceful. I can understand why tourists go swimming in these amazing rivers – not aware of the crocodiles, or aware of them, but assume there are none around. One of the rivers I walked beside today looking for photographic opportunities, I could have easily gone for a dip, but am a little wiser than that.

Need to get a new back tyre in Geraldton – which is where I am heading tomorrow.

Here are some pics of today.






Amazing roadhouses. Amazing for a number of reasons.


We have had a fatality.

This is my motel room for tonight.






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