Around Australia Trip – Karratha to Geraldton

Day 9 of my circumnavigation of Australia. Huge day today. Travelled 1123kms. Not long to go now before I turn left and head back across to the Eastern side of the nation. Looking forward to crossing the Nullabor. Had a bit an incident on the road today with a wide load. Do to the mining boom there is a lot of mine related activity and one thing you see regularly are demountable buildings being moved on the back of trucks. They are very wide. I met one as it came around a slight bend, but the issue was it swung wide and it was already a wide load, so I had very little lane left and I couldn’t run off the road as there was a 10 metre drop. I have no idea how I fitted in the space that was left. When I get to heaven I think God will let me know it was a little God miracle, so in that light:- Thanks God.


I passed over the Tropic of Capricorn. Looking at the map this is equal to Rockhampton on the other side of the Nation.


I also passed a section of road that is used as an airstrip by the Royal Flying Doctor Service in an emergency.

I also passed today the Fortesque Mine operation. A massive iron ore mine I once owned shares in.

I stopped by a dry river bed and walked across it. It’s was kind of eerie to know in the wet season huge amounts of water pour down the area. It was very wide. Imagine the bird life etc that would be here when it’s flowing. Here are some pics




Just arrived Geraldton and have had to get a new back tyre. All set now for Norseman tomorrow.

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  1. In early 90’s I hitch hiked from Sydney to Perth – leaving Sydney I hitched down through the Belanglo State Forest area, I found out years later that Ivan Milat was picking up backpackers in that area at that time! On the way I got a lift in a truck from near the border of Victoria-South Australia all the way to my cousin’s house in Perth’s suburbs.The truck driver asked me to drive the truck for 4 hours on the Nullarbor so he could have a sleep and still arrive early – I’d never driven a truck, so he gave clear directions to get me into top gear and then he went to sleep, leaving me to drive! I holidayed and worked in Perth area for a few weeks and and then hitched back to Sydney. On the return trip I got a lift from Norseman, with a young bureaucrat in a tiny Toyota MR2 stacked with most of his belongings, as he was moving to Canberra. We shared the driving, stopping for fuel and toilets and swapping driver every 4 hours. We made it to Canberra in about 30 hours non-stop – including a slight detour to visit the town of Greenock in the Barossa Valley in SA (I grew up in Greenock in Scotland!) Driving across the Nullarbor to Perth in the truck we encountered plenty of kangaroos who’d become roadside victims of the trucks on the road. Driving back across the Nullarbor in the dark in a tiny car was a great motivation for prayer… one kangaroo would have wiped us off the map! By the grace of God I’m still around to recount the tales…

  2. I am following your journey with much enthusiasm. As a relatively new visitor to Australia, I am soaking it all up. Thank you for what you are doing.

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