Around Australia Trip – Geraldton to Norseman

Day Ten of my Hug the Nation Tour. Drove 1100 Kms from Geraldton to Norseman. Norseman is on the edge of the Nullabor. Looking forward to crossing that tomorrow. Kind of an uneventful day. Doing 1100kms meant that today is one of the longer days and with it being in 110km/hr zones and not the 130km/hr zones of the NT, it was a lot of K’s at a slower speed. But all good. I enjoyed the little quaint country towns along the way today as well. One thing I have really appreciated as I have travelled is the humble roadhouse. These roadhouses are often in the middle of nowhere, put there to serve the traveling public and seemingly always staffed by friendly Aussies who are always up for a chat or to give a helpful piece of advice. I just pulled into Norseman, filled up my car and the lady said, if you are staying the night make sure you watch the sunset over Lake Cowan:- which I now will (she also gave me directions). So thank you Roadhouse people. We the travellers of Australia salute you.

It was great when I reached Perth today and turned left. Starting to head East made me feel like I was now on the home stretch:- which I am albeit a 5000km stretch.

I continued to take creative photos with the flag. Found some unused train tracks and so thought I would lay down on the tracks with the flag covering me. So I set up the camera, pressed the timer button and went and lay down on the tracks:- putting my neck onto the steel that has been basking in the hot desert sun all day:- so of course I burnt my neck didnt I. Doh.

Anyway I will let the photos do the rest of the talking. Check out the open cut mine. Amazing. I have also included some random shots of some of the country towns I drove through today.













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  1. Great photo Peter! Safe trip home!!

  2. what your doing is so amazing … as i’ve prayed it’s been for your safety (obviously) but on a deeper level that God would speak clearly to you …also that He would set up Divine Appointments for you …whether t’s for you to receive what you need or for them to receive from God 🙂 i’m also holding your family in prayer too 🙂 be Blessed Peter on this journey…. & please no more laying down on HOT train tracks ok …LOL 🙂 see you Sunday

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