I went to church today and this is what I saw…


As I pulled into the Carpark of Nowra City Church and walked through the church, participated in the service and fellowship after, this is what I saw:-

  • I saw 3 kangaroos at the bottom of the Carpark – and I thought how good is it being an Aussie Church.
  • I saw 61 people serving the house of God to facilitate the fine working of the Sunday services and I was thankful for an amazing team of people with great hearts.
  • I saw and heard laughter and frivolity in the church kitchen as Melanie and her team prepare all the meals for post church fellowship and I appreciated my wife and her leadership skills.
  • I saw families, many families entering the house of God together and I thought how good is it that families come together to church.
  • I saw faith and expectancy in people as the ministry team gathered together to pray before the service and I thought how much I value prayer.
  • I saw excited kids pulling their parents along to get them to the children’s ministry and I appreciated how good our Children’s Church team are.
  • I saw the welcome team welcoming people into church with huge smiles and warm hugs and I joined them and hugged people as they came into church.
  • I saw a dad proud his daughter is turning 13 today, organize a shutout to her from the Platform and I thought – what a good dad.
  • I saw a 13 year old looking embarrassed as the entire church sang her happy birthday, but at the same time she was beaming as we celebrated with her and I was pleased we could make a positive memory for her.
  • I saw a lady feel loved as we welcomed her back after many months of being away due to illness and I thought how good is church family.
  • I saw hundreds of people unified in worship, singing praises to God and I smiled as I thought of the incredible worship team we have at Nowra City Church that usher us into the presence of God each week.
  • I proudly saw my daughter Lakeisha, being assistant Worship leader and I thought – she is simply amazing.
  • I saw a young lady honoured as an Orange Frog – our monthly honouring of people in the church – for her work with the toddlers of the church and I thought how great is it that young people these days want to serve in the house of God.
  • I saw the announcements of church life, indicating that Nowra City Church is a church that is full of vision, life and community connections and I thought I love a church that’s alive and moving forward.
  • I saw photos of the Lynx dinner that happened last night where we welcomed about 40 new people into our faith community and I thought how cool is that.
  • I saw people inspired by the preaching by Ps Lynley on Titus and I appreciated Lynley for her passion and her wisdom.
  • (I also saw Ps Lynley drink coke during her preach)
  • I saw people from all walks of life, from many different backgrounds, in various stages of wholeness connecting together as a faith community and I thought – this is what church is all about.
  • I saw faith and a heart of generosity as people gave finance into the offering and I appreciated people’s belief in the vision.
  • I saw laughter as Levi McLean and I joked from the platform about men operating washing machines and I thought – men really shouldn’t operate washing machines. I also thought it’s always good to have laughter in church.
  • I saw deep reflection as we honoured the sacrifice of Christ around communion and I praised and thanked God for his passionate love of humanity
  • I saw sadness as we prayed for the families of the people who possibly have lost their lives in the Malaysian Airliner disappearance and I thought – compassion for our fellow man goes across borders, across racial and religious divides and unites us in the human collective
  • I saw much fellowship after the service in the cafe as people stayed and shared lunch together and I thought this food is super nice
  • I saw love between a couple about to be married as I discussed their wedding in 13 days time and I thought how good is the excitement and expectancy around an impending wedding – even when it’s for the second time
  • I saw a man cry as he spoke to me about the concerns he has for his marriage and my heart broke as he spoke of his broken heart
  • I saw a different man get a miracle when I prayed for his back and he was instantly healed and I thought about how good is the Holy Spirit

What did you see when you went to church?

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6 replies

  1. I saw a church that is others focused
    I saw a women who is more others focsed than than any person I know ….. Ps Lynley
    I saw a time of worship that other churches might only dream of
    I saw a senior pastor that lives what he believes
    I saw Foster parents that have big hearts to give traumertised children a home full of love
    I saw a young deacon offer to help me when he knew I needed help to mow the church lawns
    I saw heaps of happy kids
    I saw families at church
    I saw hubbys holding their wives hand
    I saw David Nielsen worship like there was no tomorrow
    I saw a bloke that was prepared to share his struggles with me
    I saw a church full of mighty people
    I saw the resource shop selling hand crafted scarves by Genti to help raise money for the Bardi girls
    I saw people being loving to new people
    I saw people enjoying the comfort of lounges in church

    • At the evening service I saw and felt the mighty power of our Father, the Lord Jesus Christ and felt sooo blessed and fortunate to be a part of Nowra City Church!!!!
      From: Joan Johnson

  2. Thank you for this beautiful & refreshing reminder of the breadth & depth of the church!

  3. I saw water baptisms and I thought I love people choosing the same things Jesus chose.

  4. Dear Ps Peter, thanks for sending this out, it is an awesome reality check , it is so easy to take things for granted and not see what is actually going on on a normal Sunday in our church. Well done Cheers Ron.

    Sent from my iPad


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