Things I Love About Living In The Shoalhaven–with Pics.


I posted a blog yesterday talking about my frustrations finding a painter in Nowra. You can read that blog here.  A lady commented on my Facebook post of the link to the blog – that she was thinking of moving to Nowra but might change her mind. So it got me thinking about the things I love about living in the Shoalhaven. Its a great place to live. So……

Things I love about the Shoalhaven

  • Love living in Cambewarra:- it’s a little village of 400 homes at the foot of Cambewarra Mountain. It’s a wonderful place to raise a family.
  • Love the Shoalhaven River. Its clean, beautiful and the perfect river to water ski on. We used to get up early and be on the river by 6am and watch the sun rise as we skied up the mist covered river.
  • Love the roads around the Shoalhaven. Perfect if you own a decent bike – like anything made in Japan. Particularly a ZX14. If you own a Harley – better move to Alice Springs where there are no corners.
  • The Beaches – Whitest sands in the southern hemisphere. Love any beach on Jervis Bay. Love the beach at Gerroa.
  • Love Kangaroo Valley. Every time I drive through it – without fail – I find myself admiring some aspect of the beauty of creation.
  • Love pies from Berry Bakery
  • All of Berry
  • There is a great church in North Nowra filled with great people serving a great God.
  • Love the view from Cambewarra Mountain Lookout
  • Nerriga Pub: Great food on the way to Canberra.
  • I love the fact that the Shoalhaven is two hours from Sydney, one hour from Wollongong, two and a half hours from Canberra and two hours from Picton: it’s the centre of the universe.
  • The diet cokes from Darrell Lea in the main street Arcade – coldest in the Shoalhaven
  • The staff at St George Bank. All helpful and nice ladies.
  • The new Cancer Treatment facility at the Hospital
  • The Roxy Cinema – cause I love dingy little cinemas with no atmosphere and small screens that charge full price:- whoops – that comment is in the wrong blog. Sorry. Please disregard.
  • I love the people of the Shoalhaven.
  • Love the hamburgers with the lot from the Cambewarra General Store.
  • Love how beautiful the Shoalhaven is: doesn’t really matter where you are in the city – its beautiful.
  • Browns Mountain. I walk up the mountain a few times a week and it’s just the perfect exercise.
  • Kangaroo Valley Golf Club.
  • Driving up to Nowra City Church and seeing kangaroos in the carpark.
  • The fact that peak hour lasts 12 minutes on a bad day.
  • Love the traffic reports on Power Fm. I find them amusing. Nothing ever changes.
  • Love the fact my commute is 7 minutes.
  • Love the colour of the Shoalhaven. Generally so green. So fresh. Its simply an inspiring place.
  • Love how the community rallies behind causes like Relay for Life.

Its just a great place to live and raise a family.

Here are some pics of the region.

2 (1)


DSC_0095s (18)















Love it.

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