Top Ten Pieces of Advice for Newlyweds.


Somewhere in the last couple of years I went from being a newlywed to being married 22 years. Not sure how or when this happened but 22 years is a long time. So after being married for a couple of decades plus GST, here are my Top Ten Pieces of Advice for Newlyweds.

  1. Learn how to deal and resolve conflict in a healthy manner. Here’s a tip. Before you launch into a major conflict – ask yourself if this issue is going to matter in 2 years time – most of the time the answer is no – so walk away from the conflict.
  2. Work hard on being great communicators – verbally, non verbally and sexually.
  3. Give up your quest for the perfect partner and perfect marriage – there aint no such thing. You fell in love with the person in the other side of the bed – warts and all. You aren’t going to change them – so love them as they are.
  4. Remember your marriage vows – For better or for worse – in other words – there are going to be hard times and there are going to be good times. Marrying your best friend means you have someone to be there to celebrate when you celebrate and lament with you when you need to lament. And life is all the richer for it.
  5. Have a threesome – no not in that way. I mean have God involved in your marriage. The bible in Ecclesiastes says a three fold cord is not easily broken. In other words, weaving God into your marriage only strengthens it. So serve God together, go to church together, pray together, read the bible together and soon your together will be a lot more together.
  6. Have a life – you were interesting before you got married – that’s what attracted you to each other in the first place – so why be a boring no life Larry once you are married. Go out, get a life and keep being interesting
  7. Be Jealous. Guard you wife or guard your hubby. Not like an insecure psycho bunny boiler (people from the 80’s will get that reference for the rest of you – just think Easter Bunny). Just protect your marriage from outsiders.
  8. Speak life over your marriage. Proverbs says death and life are in the power of the tongue. Therefore speak life over your marriage, over your spouse, over your love. I know too many people who speak death over their marriages. I watched my mother in law kill her marriage by constantly speaking negatively about her husband and marriage. (Boy am I going to pay for that comment.)
  9. Have adventures together – travel, have fun together, laugh, have shaving cream fights, private jokes etc
  10. Give up your right to be right.

Bonus thoughts

  • You can’t build a great marriage on sex but gee it’s fun to try
  • Don’t share bathwater
  • Apparently in wedding the WE comes before the I – which means nothing except I know how to spell.

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