Top Ten Pieces of Advice I Would Give Every Facebook User

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I love Facebook and I think its got a lot of positives. It has some negatives too though. I see the best and the worst of humanity on Facebook. Here is some advice collected from my 5 year experience with my many Facebook Friends. I will say – I am typing this advice to myself as well as there have been times when I have transgressed my own advice.

1) Don’t use Facebook to get even with someone who has upset you, or to outwork your frustrations toward other people. And don’t make statements like – I am really upset with you…you know who you are. Statements like that just make you look dumb… know who you are. Lol

2) If you claim to be a Christian, don’t then post photos of you drunk, don’t swear on posts and don’t like pages, posts or pics that are contrary to your Christian values. Be as intentional with your digital Christian life as you are with your normal Christian life.

3) Never ever ever ever post naked photos of your kids – no matter how old they are.

4) Never embarrass your kids online. Don’t make dumb dad joke comments on their posts etc.

5) If you are in a bit of a FB debate – never make it personal and never get involved in personal attacks.

6) Don’t overshare. Don’t be seduced into thinking its just you and your computer:- just because you are sitting alone in your house – you need to assume what you write will be read widely: and by your parents, your spouse, your boss, your workmates, your friends, your enemies, creepers, randoms.

7) Don’t post on FB if you are highly emotive – ie you have had a bad day or you have just been in conflict with someone. Its not the forum to vent, particularly about people.

8) FB is not your counsellor – so don’t talk to it about all your problems.

9) There are plenty of creeps in the world – assume they look at your profile – use privacy settings to keep them out. Assume they can still see in and post accordingly.

10) If your teenagers are on FB – be an intentional and wise parent and teach them how to use FB carefully. Show them this post and talk through all the points.

Hope that helps. You may also want to read my research paper on the spiritual consequences of Social Media. Click here

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  1. I’m actually sort of glad that people post when they’re highly emotive. Sometimes you get to see a side to their fears and sadness they don’t willingly show in real life and you get a better chance at helping them before things get too serious.

  2. gr8 advice 🙂 that’s why if i have an issue i will back wall the person … it’s not nice seeing every1’s dirty laundry hung out in front of the world to see 😦 i had a very nasty guy abuse me just last week about his dog (the 1 i wanted my dog to breed with) so i didn’t respond ,, just deleted ,,, simple !! face book is for fun …not a tool to hurt or embarrass people !!

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