Mad Max or Mad Maxine – Peter Pilt Movie Review.


Just finished watching the new Mad Max movie and I loved it…….

For the first seven minutes.

There was the Mad Max I grew up with. Wild, rabid, angry and troubled. Ah I am 15 again and loving the memories.

Then minute 8 started.

For the rest of the movie it’s a love story and the journey of the transition of a man from Mad Max to Mad Maxine. Surely this movie was written by a woman with a track record (and not a good one at that) of writing Mills and Boon romance novels.

Now sure there was some cool vehicles and explosions – but I can also find those in a Fortesque Mine in the Pilbara..

Look I won’t wreck it for you by telling you stuff. You go and see it for yourself but make sure you take your woman with you as this is a 5 star rated chick flick.

Mad Maxine needs to reach for the Ponstan.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up. I didn’t think it would be a chicks flick kind of movie 😃 love your outlook on everything.

  2. Hi Pete, I was as keen as mustard to go and see this movie but fortunately for me my pastor had my back and told me there are quite a few scenes where there are woman not wearing a lot of clothing. Major disappointment for me but guarding my eyes is more of a priority to me

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