An Open Letter to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

I have in the past written open letters to Australia’s Prime Ministers. Here are two examples:-

And here is my letter to Australia’s newest Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.


Dear Mr Turnbull,

You just have become the Prime Minister of one of the greatest countries in the world.

We are the world’s 12th largest economy and the 6th largest country in terms of land mass on the planet. Additionally we are ranked :-

  • No. 11 Highest life expectancy in the world. (World Bank  World Development Indicators)
  • No. 7 Most generous private donors in the world (2012 Charities Aid Foundation)
  • No.3 for Human Rights (2014 International Human Rights Rank Indicator)
  • No.1 on Legal Rights (World Economic Forum Global Competitiveness Index)
  • No.1 exporter for Coal, Iron Ore, Aluminum Ores and Zinc (UN Comtrade database)
  • No.12  contributor to the UN Budget (UN Website)
  • No. 11 Largest receiver of  International Tourist dollars. (World Economic Forum)
  • No.11 Ease of doing Business (World Bank International Finance Corporation)
  • No. 9 in Transparency (low incidence of corruption) ( 2013 Transparency International)
  • And we have four of the top 10 Most Livable Cities in the world.

Australia is a great nation and certainly I am passionately patriotic so out of my passion and love for our nation, let me be so bold as to suggest some things that should be high on your agenda as our new PM.

First up stop the political rhetoric, slogans and rubbish that we constantly get fed. Treat the Australian people as if they are intelligent articulate voters. Tell us your plan now that you are finally the leader and communicate clearly the strategy to achieve that plan.

Secondly and somewhat related, don’t be a leader that succumbs to populist polices. Instead what we need is a statesman leader who can unite their party with a vision for our nation.

Thirdly within this vision and strategic plan address these issues:

  • As of the 4th September 2015 there were still over 200 children still locked up in detention processing centers. Change this as priority.
  • Change our appalling record of mistreating Asylum Seekers in those detention centers. So the boats have stopped. Process the people that are currently still in those detention centers and then close them down. But in the mean time….increase the standards of living in those places.
  • Have a compassionate, generous and economically sustainable refugee resettlement policy. Help people become assimilated Australians and valuable members of the Aussie Community. As the 12th largest economy in the world we must shoulder our fair share of helping the vulnerable and displaced peoples around the world
  • Deal with the issue of human trafficking coming into Australia. My suggestion would be start with the human cargo coming in through the coal port of Newcastle.
  • Reduce the Indigenous Incarceration rates. Aboriginals account for 3% of the Australian population but 27% of the Adult prison population. Something is wrong with these figures.
  • Remove the racial clauses in our constitution and give Indigenous Australians constitutional recognition.
  • Work to reduce the number of people being killed by their partners or ex partners. 62 people have lost their lives this year alone through Domestic Violence related deaths. Just last week 5 women and a child were killed in this way. But as part of this issue, please look at the inequities in the judicial system. Surely law is law and shouldn’t be open to the personal interpretation of a lenient magistrate.
  • Address whatever is the cause of the creation of extremists/terrorists with aussie accents. How do we address this whilst not eroding religious freedoms in our nation?
  • Address the way some children are forced, due to court orders, to spend time with parents they fear.
  • Protect the basis of the Aussie way of life that was founded on the Judeo Christian Ethic, including keeping the definition of marriage as between a man and a woman.  Having said that, I understand that marriage equality is a significant issue for some people, but the media attention it commands is disproportional. Have a plebiscite ASAP and garnish the opinion of the entire population.
  • The growing budget deficit and national debt.
  • Address the lack of Mental Health support services in Rural Australia – may I suggest start in Shoalhaven City.
  • Work on solving the spreading ICE epidemic, that is destroying lives and families.

Additionally as a Christian Church leader, I encourage you to keep opening the Federal Parliament in Prayer, keep funding the School Chaplaincy Program and don’t allow freedom of religion to be redefined as freedom of worship.

Kind Regards

Peter Pilt


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8 replies

  1. That’s great Peter… keep bringing common sense and compassion back into our political arena.

  2. Nothing on same sex marriage, which let’s face it is driving the underlying political agenda in this country right now.

  3. The only thing you left out was reduce homelessness in this great country by providing affordable housing for those on low incomes.

  4. Well said Pete, but yes, the homeless, the Battered Fathers by controlling Ex’s over their children and the persecuted Christians overseas by islamic hordes…

  5. I hope you sent it directly to the PM.

  6. Great letter. Can you please tell me more about the difference between Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Worship?

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